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Asit Krutam Shiv Stotram

Asit Krutam Shiv Stotram
This is a God Shiva Stotra and it is in Sanskrit. Asit Muni (Rushi) has created this stotra. It is said that if anybody who has no son, after reciting this stotra daily with concentration, faith and devotion is blessed by God Shiva and he becomes a father of a learned son who has a long life and he becomes Vaishnava (devotee of God Vishnu). Anybody wishing to have money becomes very rich. The devotee who is dumb becomes a very learned pandit. The devotee’s wish to have a good wife is also fulfilled. However all the above is possible only if this stotra is recited daily with concentration, faith and devotion.
Asit Said:
1 Jagat (World) Guru (God Shiva) I bow to you. You are Shiva and you are doing well to us. You are giver of good things to us. You are head of the Yogis. You are head of the Gurus. I bow to you.
2 You are Mrutu (death) of the Mrutu. You are able to break the cycle of birth-death-birth of human beings. I bow to you. You are God of death. You are root of the death. You have defeated the death. I bow to you.
3 You are time (Kal). Time is counted because of you and by you. You are reason of the time, you are God of the time and time is because of you. I bow to you.
4 You are beyond the virtues. You are the root of virtues. You are supporter of the virtues. You are virtue yourself. You are the hidden reason behind the virtues people and you are guru of such people. I bow to you.
5 You are Brahma. You know Brahma. You think about Brahma. You are root of Vedas and Brahma also. I bow to you.
6 Rushi Asit praised God Shiva as above and stood in front of God Shiva and bowed to him. He became so emotional that tears started pouring from his eyes. His body started trembling, shivering. His emotions and sensation was reflected through hairs on his body.
7 Anybody who recites this God Shiva Stotra created by Asit Muni, every day and eats Havish for one year receives blessings from God Shiva in the form of becoming a father of a wise, long living and Vaishnava (devotee of God Vishnu) son. The devotee who is unhappy because of no money receives money and becomes very rich by blessings of God Shiva. The devotee who is dumb becomes wise, Learned because of blessing from God Shiva.
8 The devotee who has no wife is blessed with a good wife. He becomes happy in the life with health, wealth and everything he wishes. After the end of this life such devotee goes to Shiva Loka and lives with God Shiva there.
Thus here completes this God Shiva stotra created by Asit Muni and this stotra is from BrahmaVaivarta Purana.

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