Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bruhaspati Stotram

Bruhaspati Stotram

Bruhaspati Stotram is in Sanskrit. This Stotra is from Skanda Purana. This Stotra describes different names of Bruhaspati. Anybody reciting this stotra by concentrating on Bruhaspati (Jupiter, Guru) receives blessings from Bruhaspati, becomes healthy, strong, prosperous and endowed with Putra (Issues, Son, Daughter). However this strotra is to be required to recite with concentration, faith, devotion every day. Jupiter if is with Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope then it is advised to recite this Stotra every day.
Grusmada is the rushi of this stotra. Anushtupa is the Chchanda. Bruhaspati is devata. I am reciting this strotra for Bruhaspati and to receive his blessing.
1) Guru, Bruhaspati, Jivaha, Suracharyo (Guru of Gods), vidamvaraha (who gives blessings to pandit, learned etc.), vagisho (God of vidya, knowledge), dhishano (very intelligent), dirghamashru, pitambaro (wearing yellow clothes), yuva are all the names of Bruhaspati.
2) Sudhadrushati (having a kind and amrut eye sight), Grahadhisho (king of planets), Grahapidapaharakaha (he who removes troubles of planets) are all the names of Bruhaspati. Dayakara (Kind hearted), Soumyamurthi (very pleasant), Suracharya (Guru of Gods), kumkumdyuitihi are all the names of Bruhaspati.
3) Lokpriyo (he who is worshiped by people), LokGuru (Guru of People), Nitidyanyo (He who knows right and wrong), Nitikarakaha, Tarapati (husband of Tara), Angiraso, Ved, Vaidya (doctor), Pitamaha (Grand Father) are all the names of Bruhaspati.
4) The person who recites these names by remembering Bruhaspati; receives blessings from Bruhaspati and becomes healthy, Strong, receives lot of money and Putra (issues, Son, Daughter).
5) He who worship Bruhaspati on Gurudine i.e. on Guru Pournima (full moon) with yellow Gandha(paste of sandal wood) and akshatas(made with rice); lives a longer life of hundred years and all his sins are removed. Thus he becomes free from the punishment of his sins.
6) By performing pooja (Worship) of Brihaspati using Flowers, Deep(Candle), Garlands of flowers and offering meals to Brahmanas removes all the troubles and Bruhaspati offers blessing to such person. The person becomes happy forever.
7) Here ends this Bruhaspati Stotram which is from Skanda purana.

Budha (Mercury) in the Tenth House.
Budha in the tenth house is good for service. Person even if joins the service at a lower grade gets opportunity to rise to higher post very early. Budha along with Sun in yuti yoga brings such opportunities in this house. Budha along with or in good yoga with Guru (Jupiter) indicates successful life with fame. People become successful in financial departments, Banks and where ever accounting work is done. Get promotion early in service life. Such people are good in oratory. In this house Budha and Shukra (Venus) yuti is good and such people are found famous orators. They like to study Languages and become successful. There nature is found jesting, sporty and they have got a good memory. However Budha along with Mangal (Mars) in bad yogas creates troubles in service life or in business. Frequent changes are possible. Budha along with Harshal in bad yogas indicates service of lower grade. But such people are found doing some side business.

Thought for the Day
Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.
----Ludwig van Beethoven

The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life--------Mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.
----Julius Erving
Bruhaspati Stotram

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shri DwaDasha Jyotirlinga Stotram

Shri DwaDasha Jyotirlinga Stotram

This Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a very beautiful creation of Adi Shankaracharya.
There are twelve very auspicious God Shiva temples in India. Adi Shankaracharya
tells us the importance of each temple and describes God Shiva and bowing to him.

1 God Shiva is looking very lustrous in Sourashtra, He has worn moon on his head, he has incarnated for offering his blessing to his devotees and for the protection of all people. I bow and surrender to God Shiva and request him to protect me.
2 Shri Shailya mountain is very famous. It is a meeting place of many Saints, Rushies and munies. They perform their worships and poojas and tapas and dhynam on this Shailya mountain. God Shiva always lives here. He helps the devotees in their spiritual progress.
He is called as God Malikarjun over here. I bow and surrender to him.
3 Avantika means Ujjaini where God Shiva has incarnated for making his devotees free from all bondage of life and Offer his blessing to those who have a fear of untimely death. His name is Suresh and Mahakal. I bow and surrender to him.
4 At a very holy place called as Mandhata where river Kaveri and river Narmada meets, God Shiva always lives for the protection of all the people. God Shiva is called as Omkarnath or Amaleshwar, Vimaleshwar or Sadashiv over here. I praise him. I bow and surrender to him.
5 At the centre of East and North there is a city called as Paralika or Parali where God Shiva is being worshiped by Gods, Rakshas (Demons), Yakshas, Gandharvas and people. God Shiva is with Goddess Parvati at this place. He is called as Sadashiv or Vaidyanatha over her. I praise him. I bow and surrender to him.
6 Amardya or Oundhe is the place where God Shiva is surrounded by Nagas (serpents), he has worn Nagas on his body everywhere. He is there to give blessings to his devotees offering them all types of happiness, pleasures and Mukti i.e. making them free from bondage of life. I bow to him. I request him to protect me.
7 God Shiva is caretaker of helpless or orphaned devotees in Varanashi (Banaras). He is the king of Varanashi. He is called as Vishwanath over here. I surrender to him and request him to protect me.
8 He lives with Dakini and Shakini (female demons), very dangerous ghosts, Yakshas and Rakshas (demons) at BhimaShankar for looking after his devotees and for their protection. I bow to him.
9 God Rama has worshiped God Shiva at the place called Rameshwar (holy city in South India). River Tamrparni ends here in the sea. I bow to God Rameshwara (God Shiva) and always offer my prayers to him.
10 Trimbakeshwar is a temple of God Shiva near to Nasik in Maharashtra. It is on the bank of river Godavari and on the Sanhyadri Mountain. God Shiva is called as Trimbakeshwar over here and he removes all the sins of his devotees when they visit this temple and bow in front of God Trimbakeshwar. I bow to him, praise him and request him for protecting me.
11 KedarNath is a very famous God Shiva temple in Himalaya at the bank of river Mandakini. Here God Shiva is always worshiped by Sanak, Rushies and Munies. He is also worshiped by Gods, Yakasha, Gandharvas and people. God Shiva is called as KedarNath over her. He always looks after well being of all the people. I bow to him, praise him and request him for protecting me.
12 Vellor near to Aurangabad is in Maharashtra. God Shiva temple over here is called as Shivalaya. God Shiva is called as Dhishneshwar. He is very kind and gives us Buddhi (intelligence) over here. I bow to him, praise him and request him for protecting me.
13 All the people who recite this stotra with a very pious mind, with faith, concentration and devotion by getting up early in the morning, will be recipient of Good Offspring (Son, Daughter), ample food, money, happiness and become very famous by the blessings of God Shiva.
Thus here completes Shri Dwadash Jyotirlinga Stotra created by Shri Adi Shankaracharya.
Budha (Mercury) in the Ninth house.

Budha in the ninth house is good for higher education. People are found good in Language, literature. Their thinking is found of high standard. They have liking of religious science, philosophy, and attraction of spiritual science. Such Budha if is in good aspect of Jupiter or Venus then such people have a vast knowledge & can write books.
They can be famous writers. If Budha is found in good aspects of Sun or Venus, then they can acquire a name in singing or playing musical instruments. If Budha is found in good aspects of Harshal then such people are found good in research in science. They may get a chance of foreign tours. Budha in this house in female horoscope is seen producing good results. Such ladies are found very skillful in many matters.
Budha in this house in bad aspects of Saturn, Mars or Harshal is found giving bad results.
Such people are found mentally disturbed, without firm thoughts, poor in decision making and found with bad name and bad fame. They are found not of religious minded.

Thought for the Day

Life is wasted on the living.
----Douglas Adam


When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers.
------Colleen C Barrett
Shri DwaDasha Jyotirlinga Stotram

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shri Ganesh PratahSmaran Stotram

Shri Ganesh PratahSmaran Stotram

This is a God Ganesh Stotra and it is in Sanskrit. This is to be recited early in the morning. This Stotra is very pious. By reciting this stotra devotee gets peace of mind, happiness and all his troubles are removed.

1) I am recollecting God Ganesh early in the morning. God Ganesh is caretaker of helpless or orphaned devotees. He looks for the good of such devotees. He is destroyer of all difficulties, troubles of his devotees. His temples are shining as shendur (a red color paste) is applied on them. God Indra (King of the gods) and other Gods always worship God Ganesh. I am recollecting God Ganesh early in the morning and humbly bowing in front of him.
2) God Brahma is also devotee of God Ganesh. God Ganesh is always giving blessing to his devotees and gives them what they want. He is looking very beautiful. King of the Serpents is God Ganesha’s holy thread. He is son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is always looking after the welfare of his devotees. I am recollecting God Ganesh early in the morning and humbly bowing in front of him.
3) God Ganesh always protects his devotees who surrender to him. He destroys poverty, sorrow and troubles of his devotees. He is looking very beautiful. He removes false knowledge of his devotees and blesses them with the true knowledge. We become happy seeing God Ganesh in the morning. God Ganesh increases energy, enthusiasm and power of his devotees. I am recollecting the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati; God Ganesh early in the morning and humbly bowing in front of him.
4) The above three sholkas are very pious. Anyone whosoever recite these sholkas early in the morning with concentration, devotion and faith in mind will be bless by God Ganesh and become happy. All his wishes will be fulfilled by God Ganesh.

Budha or Mercury in the eighth house is not considered good. Budha in this house indicates unhealthy conditions. We have to take care of a child till it is of the age of 5 years. Nervous system and muscles are found very weak. This Budha creates troubles in married life.

Thought for the Day
If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.
---Gautam Buddha.

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
--Andy Warhol.
Shri Ganesh PratahSmaran Stotram