Thursday, December 31, 2009

Angarak Stotram

Angarak Stotram

Angarak Stotram is in Sanskrit. It is from Shri Skanda Purana.
Virupangirasa is the rushi of this angaaraka stotra. Aghni is devata of this stotra.
Gayatri is the chandha. This is recited to avoid all the troubles from God Mangala.
1 Angarak, Shaktidhar (holding Shakti as a weapon), lohitanga, Dharasuta (son of Earth), kumar, Mangal, Bhoum, Mahakay (having a large body), Dhanaprad (giver of money),
2 Runaharta (destroyer of debt), Dhrushikarta, Rogakrut (who creates disease), Roganashana (destroyer of disease), Vidyut Prabho (Generator of electricity), vranakar (creator of wound marks and pains), Kamado, Dhanahrut (Destroyer of money), Kuja.
3 SamGanPriya, Raktavastro (who wears red clothes), SarvaKarmavaRodhak (who can creates in anything, any work),
4 RaktaMalyaDhar (Who wears a garland of red flowers), Hemkundali, GrahaNayak (leader of planets), these are the names of God (Planet) Mangal.
5 The above God Mangal’s name whosoever recites always, God Mangal destroys his debt, poverty and bad luck. He receives plenty of money and a handsome wife.
6 There is no doubt he get a very good son. Such son becomes a pride for his family and makes the family famous.
7 By reciting this stotra, it is certain that all troubles arising from all the planets are destroyed.
Thus here completes angarak stotra which is from Shri Skanda Purana.

It is better to recite Angarak Stotra, one time in a day with faith, concentration and devotion if planet Mangal (Mars) is badly placed (in 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12 house) or along with Saturn, Harshal, Rahu, ketu or Budha (Mercury) in your horoscope.
English Script
          Angarak Stotram
          atha anagarak stotram I
asya angarakstotrasya virupangiras rushihi I
agnirdevata I gayatri chandaha I
bhomaprityartham jape viniyogaha I
angarakaha shaktidharo lohitango darasutaha I
kumaro mangalo bhoumo mahakayo dhanapradaha II 1 II
runaharta drushti karta roga krut roganashanaha I
viddut prabho vrankaraha kamado dhanahrut kujaha II 2 II
samagaan priyo rakta vastro raktayatekshanaha I
lohito rakta varnashcha sarva karmavarodhakaha II 3 II
rakta malyadharo hemkundali graha nayakaha I
namanye tani bhoumasya yaha pathet satatam naraha II 4 II
runam tasya cha dour bhagyam daridram cha vinshyati I
dhanam prapnoti vipulam striyam chaiva manoramam II 5 II
vanshodyota karam putram labhate natra sanshayaha I
yo archayedanhi bhoumasya mangalam bahu pushpakaihi II 6 II
sarva nashyanti pidashcha tasya graha kruta dhruvam II 7 II
          II iti shri skanda purane angarak stotram sampoornam II
Mercury (Budha) in forth house in own signs (Mithun, Kanya) gives good results for this house. This forth house is for happiness from house property. Hence Budha in own signs in this house gives house property. There are frequent changes in the life of these people, and manytimes they change their residence. These people found very happy in their childhood than their old age. Budha in bad aspects of, or with Saturn makes people unhappy in respect of house property. Their mother may also be having bad health.
Budha in bad aspects of, or with Harshal creates troubles for house property and indicates
court matters, frauds. Budha in bad aspects of, or with Mars creates worries, mental problems due to problematic house property. Loss of money is also possible because of treachery. Budha in this forth house in good aspects of Jupiter (Guru) or Harshal shows peaceful old age life. A person in whose horoscope Budha in forth house is found in good aspects of Moon or Saturn makes property. Mercury (Budha) in this house along with Venus (Shukra) in yuti yoga makes person a very good orator.

Thought for the Day
Faith is the force of life.
Leo Tolstoy

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.
Ashley Montaque
Angarak Stotram

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shri Saraswati Ashtakam

Shri Saraswati Ashtakam
Shri Saraswati Ashtakam is in Sanskrit. It is from Padmapurana. It is a discussion between Shatanik (Name of the disciple) and Shounak (Guru). Shatanik is asking his Guru, O! Mahamate, MahaPradnya (One who is very intelligent and knowledgeable) which Japa at the time of death, is to be recited to be free from Karma Bandhana (Bondage of Death and Life)? So that Param Padam (Moksha) is experienced after death.
Shounak says this was earlier asked by Dharm putra Yudhishtir to Pitamaha Bhishmacharya. Pitamaha you know all the Shastras please tell me How God Brahma praised Goddess Saraswati? And how we have to praise Goddess Saraswati so that she will give her blessings to us?
Pleased by the praise, Goddess Saraswati asked God Brahma what was his desire?
Then God Brahma asked Goddess Saraswati to bless him by giving divine knowledge. Goddess Saraswati said those devotees who will recite this stotra with faith and concentration, will receive divine knowledge.
God Brahma said I received that divine knowledge; without goddess’s blessings it is very difficult to receive such knowledge.
Goddess said those devotees who will recite this stotra three times in a day; I will always be with them to guide them.
Here completes this Shri Saraswati Ashtakam which is from PadmaPurana.

Mercury or Budha in the third house is for intelligence, journey. People are found liking for acquiring knowledge. These people are found accommodative. They like reading. They love literature and Science. They can get skill in both the subjects. Mercury in this house makes people writer, Journalist and favorable for success in publications, News paper publication. Mercury in this house having good aspects or yogas with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune gives success in writing, poetry, Arts, drawings, singing and playing instruments. Good yoga with Neptune shows comedy writings. Good yoga with Saturn shows scientific writings, researches etc. Good yoga with Venus shows literature writings. Good yoga with Jupiter shows spiritual, intelligent, inference writings. Good yoga with Harshal indicates new ideas, creating lot of energy writings. Good yoga with Mars shows mathematical, scientific writings.
Mercury in bad aspects or badly placed indicates worries, mental tensions. Excessive worries and tensions drive them into madness etc. Mercury in bad aspects with Mars or Saturn indicates troubles in journey, mental tensions etc. These people are found liars. A bad aspect of Saturn with Budha makes people deaf. A bad aspect of Harshal with Budha makes people selfish, passive, with depression. A bad aspect of Mars with Budha makes people exaggerated in talking. A bad aspect of Neptune with Budha makes people daydreamers.

Thought for the Day
When did I realize I was God? I was praying and suddenly realized I was talking to myself. –Peter O’Toole

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
--Victor Hugo
Shri Saraswati Ashtakam

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra

Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra

This God Chandra (Moon) Stotra is in Sanskrit. This stotra includes 28 names of God Chandra. In the first stanza it is said that after hearing these 28 names of God Chandra all the sorrow from the life is removed. In the last stanza it is said that whosoever recites this stotra daily with faith, devotion and concentration will receive everything desired, wished and all difficulties will be removed from his life.
If Moon is in bad house or with Saturn, Mars, Harshal, Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope then it is required to recite this stotra daily.

Budha or Mercury in Second house in the horoscope makes person practical, wise and calculative. These people are fond of saving. They are found wise in advertising anything and any work, more so in their own work. They have got good speaking talents, well in writings and like singing and playing instruments. They can acquire fame, name and money if such Budha is in yuti yoga of Venus (Shukra) or Sun (Ravi). Budha in shubha (good) yoga with Shukra shows profit in business of selling entertain instruments, things for pleasure. Budha in shubha yoga with Harshal shows sudden and unexpected profit in business. Budha in shubha yoga with Mars (Mangal) indicates profit from landed property and industries. Budha in shubha yoga with Saturn shows profit in farming, garden and fruit land, Machinery, Mines and iron. Budha in shubha yoga with Guru (Jupiter) indicates success in education. Budha in bad signs such as Mesha, Vruschik, Makara or Kumbha indicates some problems in speaking due to bad health of tongue.
Budha in bad aspects of Mars shows loss due to stealing.

Thought for the Day
It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path and to proceed.
---Ram Dass

Success is a welcomed gift for the uninhibited mind.
--Adilin Sinclair

Question and Answer
1) Date of Birth 15/8/1979
There is a possibility of marriage till Mar-Apr 2010.
Spouse may be nearby from your city.
There is a New Job possibility till end of 2010.
2) Date of Birth 16/6/1979
The relationship depends upon your nature.
By heart you are very kind. However there is an element of aggressiveness,
hot temperas and suspicious nature in you and you get driven away by emotions may be creating some problems.
Others are having kind and good nature.
3) Date of Birth 29/12/1979
I wish you a very very happy birth day in advance.
At present your mind is unsettled. However this phase will pass very shortly.
I have already uploaded Mangal Kavacha and Bruhaspati kavacha on my blog.
Please recite both kavacha every day with faith.
There are many good things. You are born with strong mind and plenty of
hidden knowledge. You need to control your hot nature and concentrate
on developing your plus points.
English Script of Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra
is available on my following blog

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shri Dattashtakam

Shri Dattashtakam

Shri Dattashtakam is a Sanskrit stotra. It is a beautiful creation of Shri Aadi Shankaracharya. Whosoever recites this Stotra, receives all type of happiness, becomes free from all troubles, difficulties, success in all endeavors, his life becomes peaceful.
However this Shri Dattashtakam is to be recited daily with faith, concentration and devotion to receive all the benefits as above.

Shri Dattashtakam starts with bowing to God Dattatreya.

1) God Dattatreya is incarnation of God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. So he is having all three virtues which are Raja, Tama and Satva. Brahmanda and three lokas (Pruthavi, Patala and Swarga) have become pious because of Trimurthy’s presence (God Dattatreya). Trimurthy that is God Dattatreya is protector of this Brahmanda. He protects his devotees and makes them free from fear. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
2) This world is filled by God Vishnu, God Vishnu is filled with God Shiva and God Brahma along with God Shiva is filled by God Dattatreya. He (God Dattatreya) is worshiped by God Brahma and other Gods. He himself is in all the lokas and resides in the hearts (which are like oceans) of the peoples. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
3) The Sun and All the Grahas (planets), the rushies who perform Yagnyas, pious Vedas, and Puranas have described God Dattareya just like God Shiva in a form of jyoti swaroopa (pious divine light). God Dattateya as described above in Shastras and Vedas is the protector of three lokas (Pruthavi, Patala and Swarga). Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
4) God Dattatreya creates, protects and destroys everything. So also he makes everybody free from the bondage of life. He resides on the pious Kailsa parvata (mountain), he has held moon on his head, and worn rudraksha garlands. He has many weapons in his hands. Bow, Arrows, Chap, Musal, Khatvag are these weapons. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
5) God Dattreya is having a very pious Chitta (mind), his body is shining like pure gold and his intelligence appears on his face. He is enjoyment for his devotees. He makes us free from bondage of life and ongoing process of birth and death again and again. God Dattatreya becoming as Dattatreya give his blessings to the Brahmanda. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
6) God Dattatreya is like Oma roopa (form), supreme, impartial, selfless, pious, without any attachments, happy, my guru (master) and always as pious as divine light. He is truth, the true knowledge, occupied all the Brahmanda (World), he is our God and hence Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
7) God Dattreya has held danda in his hand, wore rudraksha garlands around his neck, hands and wrists, he has applied Bhasma (pious ash) on his body, his eyes are like lotus, he found in Kolhapur performing pious Bhiksha (people give food to him in the afternoon). He performs his pious Snana (bath), Japas in pious kashi (Banaras) and he resides in Mahur. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
8) The people who resides on the bank of Krishna river worships God Dattatreya’s Paduka (foot prints) and receives blessings from him. There is no other than God Dattateya who gives us Mukti (makes us free from bondage of life, sorrow and all difficulties). Aadi Shankaracharya says it is very true and God Dattatreya is for our protection, help, happiness and giving blessings to us. Aadi Shankaracharya requests God Dattreya to reside in his mind always.
Thus here completes Shri Dattashtakam created by Aadi Shankaracharya.
People having Mercury (Budha) in the first house (Ascendant) in their horoscope are found short and with a round face. They are intelligent. They like to learn many languages. They are very practical, professional having calculating nature and inquisitive. Mercury in good rashies in this house makes people attractive and they influence other people. These people have a humorous nature and hence others are attracted by them. They have got a good imaginative power. These people have a habit of talking with a laugh. Mercury controls the nervous system and functions of mind. Hence Mercury in yuti yoga with Saturn, Harshal, Rahu or Mars affects the nervous system. Mercury in yuti yoga with Venus in this house makes people good singers, artists or good orators.

Thought for the Day
Laughter is the closest possible distance between two people.
------Victor Borge.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
----Albert Einstein.
English Script of Shri Dattashtakam is available on my following blog
Shri Dattashtakam