Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra

Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra

This God Chandra (Moon) Stotra is in Sanskrit. This stotra includes 28 names of God Chandra. In the first stanza it is said that after hearing these 28 names of God Chandra all the sorrow from the life is removed. In the last stanza it is said that whosoever recites this stotra daily with faith, devotion and concentration will receive everything desired, wished and all difficulties will be removed from his life.
If Moon is in bad house or with Saturn, Mars, Harshal, Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope then it is required to recite this stotra daily.

Budha or Mercury in Second house in the horoscope makes person practical, wise and calculative. These people are fond of saving. They are found wise in advertising anything and any work, more so in their own work. They have got good speaking talents, well in writings and like singing and playing instruments. They can acquire fame, name and money if such Budha is in yuti yoga of Venus (Shukra) or Sun (Ravi). Budha in shubha (good) yoga with Shukra shows profit in business of selling entertain instruments, things for pleasure. Budha in shubha yoga with Harshal shows sudden and unexpected profit in business. Budha in shubha yoga with Mars (Mangal) indicates profit from landed property and industries. Budha in shubha yoga with Saturn shows profit in farming, garden and fruit land, Machinery, Mines and iron. Budha in shubha yoga with Guru (Jupiter) indicates success in education. Budha in bad signs such as Mesha, Vruschik, Makara or Kumbha indicates some problems in speaking due to bad health of tongue.
Budha in bad aspects of Mars shows loss due to stealing.

Thought for the Day
It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path and to proceed.
---Ram Dass

Success is a welcomed gift for the uninhibited mind.
--Adilin Sinclair

Question and Answer
1) Date of Birth 15/8/1979
There is a possibility of marriage till Mar-Apr 2010.
Spouse may be nearby from your city.
There is a New Job possibility till end of 2010.
2) Date of Birth 16/6/1979
The relationship depends upon your nature.
By heart you are very kind. However there is an element of aggressiveness,
hot temperas and suspicious nature in you and you get driven away by emotions may be creating some problems.
Others are having kind and good nature.
3) Date of Birth 29/12/1979
I wish you a very very happy birth day in advance.
At present your mind is unsettled. However this phase will pass very shortly.
I have already uploaded Mangal Kavacha and Bruhaspati kavacha on my blog.
Please recite both kavacha every day with faith.
There are many good things. You are born with strong mind and plenty of
hidden knowledge. You need to control your hot nature and concentrate
on developing your plus points.
English Script of Shri Chandra Ashtavishanti Nam Stotra
is available on my following blog

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