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Angarak Stotram

Angarak Stotram

Angarak Stotram is in Sanskrit. It is from Shri Skanda Purana.
Virupangirasa is the rushi of this angaaraka stotra. Aghni is devata of this stotra.
Gayatri is the chandha. This is recited to avoid all the troubles from God Mangala.
1 Angarak, Shaktidhar (holding Shakti as a weapon), lohitanga, Dharasuta (son of Earth), kumar, Mangal, Bhoum, Mahakay (having a large body), Dhanaprad (giver of money),
2 Runaharta (destroyer of debt), Dhrushikarta, Rogakrut (who creates disease), Roganashana (destroyer of disease), Vidyut Prabho (Generator of electricity), vranakar (creator of wound marks and pains), Kamado, Dhanahrut (Destroyer of money), Kuja.
3 SamGanPriya, Raktavastro (who wears red clothes), SarvaKarmavaRodhak (who can creates in anything, any work),
4 RaktaMalyaDhar (Who wears a garland of red flowers), Hemkundali, GrahaNayak (leader of planets), these are the names of God (Planet) Mangal.
5 The above God Mangal’s name whosoever recites always, God Mangal destroys his debt, poverty and bad luck. He receives plenty of money and a handsome wife.
6 There is no doubt he get a very good son. Such son becomes a pride for his family and makes the family famous.
7 By reciting this stotra, it is certain that all troubles arising from all the planets are destroyed.
Thus here completes angarak stotra which is from Shri Skanda Purana.

It is better to recite Angarak Stotra, one time in a day with faith, concentration and devotion if planet Mangal (Mars) is badly placed (in 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12 house) or along with Saturn, Harshal, Rahu, ketu or Budha (Mercury) in your horoscope.
English Script
          Angarak Stotram
          atha anagarak stotram I
asya angarakstotrasya virupangiras rushihi I
agnirdevata I gayatri chandaha I
bhomaprityartham jape viniyogaha I
angarakaha shaktidharo lohitango darasutaha I
kumaro mangalo bhoumo mahakayo dhanapradaha II 1 II
runaharta drushti karta roga krut roganashanaha I
viddut prabho vrankaraha kamado dhanahrut kujaha II 2 II
samagaan priyo rakta vastro raktayatekshanaha I
lohito rakta varnashcha sarva karmavarodhakaha II 3 II
rakta malyadharo hemkundali graha nayakaha I
namanye tani bhoumasya yaha pathet satatam naraha II 4 II
runam tasya cha dour bhagyam daridram cha vinshyati I
dhanam prapnoti vipulam striyam chaiva manoramam II 5 II
vanshodyota karam putram labhate natra sanshayaha I
yo archayedanhi bhoumasya mangalam bahu pushpakaihi II 6 II
sarva nashyanti pidashcha tasya graha kruta dhruvam II 7 II
          II iti shri skanda purane angarak stotram sampoornam II
Mercury (Budha) in forth house in own signs (Mithun, Kanya) gives good results for this house. This forth house is for happiness from house property. Hence Budha in own signs in this house gives house property. There are frequent changes in the life of these people, and manytimes they change their residence. These people found very happy in their childhood than their old age. Budha in bad aspects of, or with Saturn makes people unhappy in respect of house property. Their mother may also be having bad health.
Budha in bad aspects of, or with Harshal creates troubles for house property and indicates
court matters, frauds. Budha in bad aspects of, or with Mars creates worries, mental problems due to problematic house property. Loss of money is also possible because of treachery. Budha in this forth house in good aspects of Jupiter (Guru) or Harshal shows peaceful old age life. A person in whose horoscope Budha in forth house is found in good aspects of Moon or Saturn makes property. Mercury (Budha) in this house along with Venus (Shukra) in yuti yoga makes person a very good orator.

Thought for the Day
Faith is the force of life.
Leo Tolstoy

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.
Ashley Montaque
Angarak Stotram
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