Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shri Nandanandan Stotram

Shri Nandanandan Stotram

This is a Shri Krishna Stotra. But it is a stotra of Bal (1 or 2 years ShriKrishna) Mukund. It is in Sanskrit. This stotra describes how Shri Krishna was looking beautiful when he was one year old. Every child looks very beautiful and attractive in the early years. Shri Krishna was a God. In his childhood people in Vrindavan were becoming mad to see his face every day and often forget to do their usual work.
It is written in the stotra that every day early in the morning after taking a bath and offering garland, flowers and basil to ShriKrishna whosoever recites this stotra with devotion and concentration receives blessings from God ShriKrishna and such person can see ShriKrishna in Bal Mukund roopa (child).

Mercury (Budha) in fifth house: People in whose horoscope Mercury is in fifth house are found very intelligent. Particularly they are very good in Maths, Commerce and Calculations. Budha in this house is favorable for offspring. Budha in water signs in this house indicates both male and female child (offspring). Mercury with Sun or Jupiter in this house shows extra intelligent people. Mercury in his own signs or in good aspects of Jupiter, Saturn, Harshal or Venus makes such people renowned writer or best actors.
These people like to play indoor and outdoor games. Mercury in good aspects or shubha yoga with Mangal (Mars) creates skillful people. Mercury and Venus Yuti yoga makes them proficient in singing, playing instruments or Drawing. Mercury in bad aspects or bad yoga with Mars or Saturn drives these people to do bad things.

Thought for the Day
Love is more afraid of change than destruction.
---Friedrich Nitetzsche

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever;
the goal is to create something that will.
--Chuck Palahniuk
Shri Nandanandan Stotram

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