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Shiva Manas Pooja

Shiva Manas Pooja

Adi Shankaracharya used to perform Manas Pooja of God Shiva daily. In this stotra he has describes how he was performing Manas Pooja. Manas mean Mind. Pooja performed in the mind is called as Manas Pooja. Normally we perform pooja in the temple or by sitting in front of God’s idol. But at the time of manas pooja devotee of God will sit
quietly in dhyanam position and with concentration he sees his beloved God in front of his third eye. He will offer anything and everything (that God likes which may not be affordable to him) to the God. Since the pooja is performed in the mind with concentration and with the feeling of God’s presence in front of devotee; it is of very much importance, pious and holy. Any one can get anything he wishes, by performing manas pooja daily and becomes Godlike. Manas pooja of God Shiva is called Shiva Manas Pooja While Manas Pooja of God Vishnu is called as Vishnu Manas Pooja; Devotee can perform manas pooja of any God he believes.
Adi Shankaracharya describes as under.
1) Adi Shankaracharya says, O! God Shiva, please sit on this asana (throne) which is made up of gold and jewels. Please accept this pious water of river Ganga for bathing, accept this sandal paste made with Sandal wood, Kasturi for applying on the forehead and body. I am offering you these beautiful divine clothes. I am offering flowers of Champa, juhi and bilva patra which you like. Pastille (Dhoop), Deep (Lamp) are also offered by me in this pooja performed by me in my mind. Please accept everything offered by me in this manas pooja.
2) I am offering you five types of sweets to eat in this gold bowl, Milk, Curd, Ghee, many vegetables, buttermilk, many sweet fruits which you like are also offered to you in this manas pooja. Pious water to drink and after your meal, I have prepared tambul for you to eat. Please accept everything offered by me in this manas pooja.
3) Chatra (Parasol), insignia of royalty, signs of authority, fan, pious mirror, Veena (Musical instrument), Bheri (Musical instrument), Mrudugam (Musical instrument), dundubhi (Musical instrument) by offering all these things to you; by dancing, singing and praise; O! God Shiva I am completely surrendered to you and offering my unreserved salutation to you. Please accept everything offered by me in this manas pooja.
4) O! God Shiva you are my atma (atman), Girija (Goddess Parvati) is my intelligence, Your guards are my Pranas, My body is your temple, My worship is all that I do and experience by my organs, My sleep is Samadhi, My walking and traveling is your pradakshina, whatever I say is your stotras and your praise. Everything I do is your worship only. Please accept everything offered by me in this manas pooja.
5) O! God Shiva please forgive me for the guilt, sins committed by me by my hands, by my feet, by my tongue, by my body, by my ears, by my eyes, by my acts or by my mind. O! God Shiva you are great, you are victorious.
6) Thus here complete this Shiva Manas Pooja which is a creation of Adi Shankaracharya.
Budha or Mercury in the seventh house: Normally such people get married earlier. There is very less age difference with the spouse. If Budha happens to be in good aspect/yoga with Venus, Jupiter or Moon then married life is found cool, smooth and without any troubles. However if Budha is in bad aspects/ in yuti yoga of Mars or Harshal then troubles in married life/divorce etc. are possible. Budha in this house with Saturn is considered as bad yoga and Married life may have troubles. Life partner may have a bad character. Budha in this house is not favorable for partnership, court matters and trading and looses can be possible if Budha is in bad aspects of Saturn, Mars or Harshal. Budha-Shukra (Mercury-Venus) yuti yoga in this house makes a good orator.

Thought for the Day
It is not reason which makes faith hard, but life.
-Jean Ingelow

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.

Shiva Manas Pooja
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