Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shiv Sankalpa Stotra

Shiv Sankalpa Stotra
This stotra is in Sanskrit. It is created by Bhagwan Ved. Here Shiv means not God Shiva. Shiv means the decision (resolution) of doing good things. What are these good things? That is exploring the good qualities of mind and using for the self spiritual progress and self realization. This stotra includes 8 Mantras from Yajur Ved. First Mantra is the prayer made to the God asking him to give the intelligence to us. It is the praise of the God in the 8th Mantra and again asking him to lead our mind on a correct and good path and remove everything bad from the mind. The rest Mantras describes the good qualities of the pure mind. Many times we divert from these good qualities of mind and then impurity enters into the mind. This impurity of mind is to be removed to make a progress in spiritual life. This is possible if we recite this stotra daily with concentration, devotion and faith.
1 O God Agne! O God (in pious light Roopa) Learned people, yogis and scholars always worship Budhi (Medha). Please make me intellectual by bestowing this Medha, so that I can know you better.
2 O God Agne! I know that my mind always travel at a long distance here and there. It is always filled with good virtues because of your kindness. While sleeping it goes here and there in the dream and do some work. It is the pious light of all the things which are having light. Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
3 O God Agne! Learned courageous people perform yajnas and wars also by the help of the mind. This mind is unknown and beyond thinking and present in the body of everybody. Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
4 O God Agne! This mind is filled with true knowledge, intelligence, Shruti and the pious light present in everybody (every living creature). Nothing can be done without using mind. Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
5 O God Agne! Yogis know past, present and future because of the mind. It connects everybody (his Soul which can’t be destroyed) with the God. This mind gives us true knowledge and removes the false knowledge. It is always connected with the five Organs, the Soul and the Budhi (intellect). Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
6 O God Agne! Because of you I know the four Vedas (Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda) in my mind. I know that everybody is connected with the (parmatam) God by my mind. Help me and lead my mind to the true knowledge and keep it away from false knowledge. Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
7 O God Agne! My mind is taking me to the good places; just like a horse which is well directed by the coach and gives me the pleasure. It rests in the heart. It is always on the move with a tremendous speed. Help me and lead my mind to remove itself from the bad habits of my five organs. Please make my mind as described above filled with good decisions (resolutions).
8 O God Agne! O God (in pious light Roopa) we praise you. Please lead us on a good and correct way to live a pious life. Please destroy anything bad in us. Please give us true knowledge.
Thus here completes Shiv Sankalpa Stotra created by Bhagwan Ved.

Thought for the Day
Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.
-------Soren Kierkegaard.
It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, you bring everything to the realm of possibility.
--------Albert Einstein.
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Shiv Sankalpa Stotra

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Devya Dwadashanam Stotram

Devya Dwadashanam Stotram
This is a very beautiful creation of great poet Kalidas. This stotra is in Sanskrit. It describes the twelve very pious temples in India at the time of Kalidas. It is said that if anybody visits these temples, all his sin will be vanished.
1 Kanchipur is having a temple of Kamakshi Devi. Bhramari Devi temple is on the Malaya hills (on the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka). KanyaKumari temple is in Kerala. In Aanart pradesh Amba Devi temple is there.
2 In Karavir (Kolhapur) Mahalaxmi temple is there. In Madhya Pradesh Kalikamata temple is there. In Prayag Lalitadevi temple is there. Vindhya Parvat (hills) is having Devi Nibidvasini temple.
3 In Varanasi Vishalakshi temple is there. In Gaya Devi Mangalavati temple is there. In Bangal Devi Sundari Devi is there and in Nepal Devi Guhyakeshwari temple is there.
4 Devi temples are famous on twelve places as described above and Goddess Devi is there. We become free from our sins when we visit these temples and take Darshan of Goddess Devi.
5 If it is not possible to visit these temples and we, early in the morning always remember and concentrate on Goddess Devi roopa; our sins are removed and we become free from bad effects of whatever bad things we have done.
Thus here completes Devya Dwadashanam Stotram written by Kalidas.

Thought for the Day
If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all.
---Martin Luther King Jr.
The secret of joy in work is contained in one word excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.
Pearl S. Buck.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jivha Prarthana

Jivha Prarthana 
This is a very beautiful prathana or stotra suppose to be created by Shri Mad Adi Shankaracharya. It is in Sanskrit. Very intelligently we have been asked to recite the pious Mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya”. Jivha means Tongue. We use our tongue to talk. Many times talk about other people in such a way that they get hurt. We create enemies or friends. Many times unnecessarily we talk about other people’s business, their behaviors, habits; which is none of our business. For all the above we use tongue. Hence Adi Shankaracharya request Jivha(tongue) not to talk the above useless words which hurt other people, instead recite the pious Mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya” which removes all our sins. I think we may recite any pious Mantra of the God we believe in.
1 O! Jivha (tongue) you are really my dearest friend. I bow to you. Please be kind with me and listen (do as per) my prarthana (prayer). Please never utter any bad words about other people. Never tell anything bad of anybody to others. Keep away from malicious reporting or back-biting. Always recite the pious mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya”.
2 You are having the virtues such as Sweetness, truth, luster, graciousness and a divine gift. These are the virtues of Vanidevata (Goddess Saraswati) and you are bestowed with them. I bow to you. Again I request you not to utter abusing, cursing words to anybody. Please don’t talk bad about other people’s business. Always recite the pious mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya”.
3 Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Astringent and Pungent are the tastes you know very well. However please leave all your desire about the above tastes and food; kindly recite the pious mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya” always. This is my sincere and honest request to you.
4 O! Jivha (tongue) I bow to you. Please leave your desire to talk bitter, cursing and abusing words about other people. This is a very honest and sincere prayer. “Namaha Shiva” Mantra Starting with “Om” is a very pious Mantra which removes all the sins.
Here completes this Jivha Prarthana created by Shri Mad Adi Shankaracharya.
Thought for the Day
Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.
---Helen Keller
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end.
Jivha Prarthana

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra

Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra
Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a very beautiful creation of Adi Shankaracharya. This is in Panchachamar Vruta. Language is very sweet and poetic. It has a very good rhythm. This stotra describes God Ganesh as follows.
1 He has held Modak (kind of sweet made with flour of rice, coconut and sugar or Gur) in his hand. He is ready to help the devotees to be free from all the troubles. He has a Crescent moon on his head. He protects his devotees who are really forgotten everything in his devotion. He fulfills the wishes of his devotees who worship him with some desires. He is Lord of helpless, orphaned and looks after their well being. He destroyed the very dangerous Sindur demon that was troubling the people. He removes sins of the people who bow to him. I always bow to God Ganesh who is being described as above.
2 He creates fear in the minds of people who are very bad, very proud and troubling the people. His body is very beautiful and shining just like the rising sun in the morning. He helps the other Gods who bow to him by destroying their enemies and demons. He helps his devotees and makes them free from dangerous troubles. He is also called as Sureshwar, Nidhipati, Gajaraj, Ganesh and Maheshwar. I always take shelter of greatest God Ganesh.
3 He makes all the people happy. He destroys the elephant like big demons. His belly is very big. His mouth is noble like elephant. He is greatest among greatest. He is Brahma swaroop. He is Omkar swaroop. He is very kind. He is ocean of love. He is always forgiving. He is giver of success. He bestows good mind to the people who bow him. I always bow to lustrous God Ganesh who is described as above.
4 He destroys sorrow of his devotees who worship him without any desire. He also removes sorrow of his ordinary devotees. He is praised by Vedas. He can be understood by the help of Vedas only. He is son of God Shiva leading from front and destroys the pride of Gods and Demons. He removes the troubles in domestic life. He is honoured by God Agni and others. I bow to God Ganesh with devotion who is Former, ancient and from time immemorial and looks always new.
5 His teeth are very beautiful. He is son of God Shiva who is known as Mahakaleshwar (Name of God Shiva). He cannot be understood. He cannot be destroyed. He has no death. If you remember him with devotion then he makes you free from all your troubles. He always found in the hearts of Yogies and devotees. I always bow to Ekadant (having only one tooth) God Ganesh who is described as above.
6 The above five stanzas are called as MahaGanesh PanchaRatna. By getting up early in the morning whosoever recites these stanzas by remembering God Ganesh in his heart, will receive good health. He will become free from sins committed by him. He will be recipient of Good friends, Sons and relatives. He will be bestowed upon with a long fulfilling life, wealth, happiness and peace.
Here completes MahaGanesh PanchaRatna Stotra created by Adi Shankaracharya.
Thought for the Day
God, despite his casual silence, still exists. Of that I haven’t a single doubt.
--Don Willam jr.
Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
MahaGanesh PanchaRatna Stotra

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