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Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra

Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra
Mahaganesha Pancharatna Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a very beautiful creation of Adi Shankaracharya. This is in Panchachamar Vruta. Language is very sweet and poetic. It has a very good rhythm. This stotra describes God Ganesh as follows.
1 He has held Modak (kind of sweet made with flour of rice, coconut and sugar or Gur) in his hand. He is ready to help the devotees to be free from all the troubles. He has a Crescent moon on his head. He protects his devotees who are really forgotten everything in his devotion. He fulfills the wishes of his devotees who worship him with some desires. He is Lord of helpless, orphaned and looks after their well being. He destroyed the very dangerous Sindur demon that was troubling the people. He removes sins of the people who bow to him. I always bow to God Ganesh who is being described as above.
2 He creates fear in the minds of people who are very bad, very proud and troubling the people. His body is very beautiful and shining just like the rising sun in the morning. He helps the other Gods who bow to him by destroying their enemies and demons. He helps his devotees and makes them free from dangerous troubles. He is also called as Sureshwar, Nidhipati, Gajaraj, Ganesh and Maheshwar. I always take shelter of greatest God Ganesh.
3 He makes all the people happy. He destroys the elephant like big demons. His belly is very big. His mouth is noble like elephant. He is greatest among greatest. He is Brahma swaroop. He is Omkar swaroop. He is very kind. He is ocean of love. He is always forgiving. He is giver of success. He bestows good mind to the people who bow him. I always bow to lustrous God Ganesh who is described as above.
4 He destroys sorrow of his devotees who worship him without any desire. He also removes sorrow of his ordinary devotees. He is praised by Vedas. He can be understood by the help of Vedas only. He is son of God Shiva leading from front and destroys the pride of Gods and Demons. He removes the troubles in domestic life. He is honoured by God Agni and others. I bow to God Ganesh with devotion who is Former, ancient and from time immemorial and looks always new.
5 His teeth are very beautiful. He is son of God Shiva who is known as Mahakaleshwar (Name of God Shiva). He cannot be understood. He cannot be destroyed. He has no death. If you remember him with devotion then he makes you free from all your troubles. He always found in the hearts of Yogies and devotees. I always bow to Ekadant (having only one tooth) God Ganesh who is described as above.
6 The above five stanzas are called as MahaGanesh PanchaRatna. By getting up early in the morning whosoever recites these stanzas by remembering God Ganesh in his heart, will receive good health. He will become free from sins committed by him. He will be recipient of Good friends, Sons and relatives. He will be bestowed upon with a long fulfilling life, wealth, happiness and peace.
Here completes MahaGanesh PanchaRatna Stotra created by Adi Shankaracharya.
Thought for the Day
God, despite his casual silence, still exists. Of that I haven’t a single doubt.
--Don Willam jr.
Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
MahaGanesh PanchaRatna Stotra

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