Monday, December 1, 2008

Shri Devi Kavacha Part 2

Shri Devi Kavacha
Shri Devi Kavacha is a prayer in Sanskrit. This Devi Kavacha is recited before performing SapatShati Pattha. This prayer is for securing protection to every member of family, Success in our life and in our every endeavor, blessings, prosperity and happiness in our life, peace and long healthy life. Devi Mata gives us every thing we ask for. We require reciting this kavacha with full concentration and devotion.
1) Astrology

Tula Rashi
People in whose horoscope Moon is in Tula Rashi are found practical, slightly possessive, thoughtful, like change, struggling and taking some efforts to complete the work on hand. Female and male of Tula
are found beautiful irrespective of their age. Tula Rashi has control over our Waist, Kidney and urinary system.

2) Thought for the Day

We are responsible for our own happiness.

3) Success

Successful people know that without labour nothing prospers.
Shri DeviKavacha Part 2

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