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UmaMaheshwar Stotra

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UmaMaheshwar Stotra
          Uma Maheshwar Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a very pious and beautiful creation of Shri Mat Adi Shankaracharya.
          1) I bow to Shankar-Pavati. They are always Brahma-Roop, always young, and always connected together.
Parvati is daughter of Himalaya. Shankar has a banner with sign of bull. (Vrishabha Dhwaja)
2) Those who always worship Shankar-Parvati receive their blessings. Narayana i.e. Shri Vishnu also worship Shankar-Parvati. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
3) Shankar has a bull as his vehicle. He has applied Bhasma on his body. Parvati has applied Sandalwood paste on her body. Shankar-Pavati is worshiped by Brahma, Vishnu and Indra. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
4) Shankar-Parvati is God of universe. They are Lords of universe. They can make us victorious or defeated. Jambhari means Head of Gods i.e. Indra. All Gods including Indra worship Shankar-Parvati. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
5) They are having a pious and scared Roop. They can make all the people free from bondage of life. “Om Namaha Shivaya” is a five letter Mantra. By reciting this Mantra devotees receive blessings from Shankar-Parvati. Shankar-Parvati is beginning, State and end of the universe. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
6) Shankar and Parvati are very beautiful. Their heart is very kind and it is filled with love for all beings. They are always taking care of their devotees and making them happy. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
7) Shankar–Parvati is destroyer of Kali-Kalmasha. Shankar has worn Naramund Mala (garland) around his neck. Parvati has worn gold ornaments on her body. They are Gods of Kailasa (Pious Himalayan Mountain). I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
8) Shankar-Parvati is always doing pious and scared deeds and is destroyer of all that is bad. They are beyond comparison. In all three worlds (i.e. Swarga Loka, Mrutu Loka and Patal Loka) power of Shankar-Parvati is unobstructed. They have got a memory of everything in the universe. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
9) Shankar and Parvati are sitting in a chariot. The Sun, The Moon and fire are three eyes of Shankar. Their mouths are shining as the Moon shins on full moon night. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
10) Shankar and parvati both are Jalindhar. Shankar has long hairs which are beautifully arranged on his head. Parvati has got lion as her vehicle. She has worn gold ornaments in the heirs on her head. Shankar-Parvati has neither birth nor death. They are beyond birth and death. Bhagwan Vishnu and Brahma have worshiped them. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
11) Shankar has three eyes. He has worn bilva patra. Parvati has braid of flowers on her hairs. Shankar and Parvati are lords of Shobhavati (Kanchi Nagari) and Shantavati (Kashi Nagari). I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
12) Shankar and Parvati are always doing well to the universe. They are always taking care of all beings. They have decided to protect three worlds (i.e. Swarga Loka, Mrutu Loka and Patal Loka). Shankar and Parvati are devoted by Gods and Demons. I bow to Shankar-Pavati.
13) This is a stotra of 12 stanzas, created in praise to Shankar-Parvati. Devotee reciting it with faith, concentration of mind and devotion, 3 times in a day; will live a happy and peaceful long life. All his desires will be fulfilled by the blessings of Uma-Maheshwar. After death he will go to Shiv Loka.
Venus (Shukra) in First House i.e. Lagna.
In Aries and in first house Venus shows Fickle and obstinate Nature However such people are highly intellectual and skillful in playing.

Thought for the day
A country should be defended not by arms, but by ethical behaviour.
--Vinoba Bhave.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows. .
----- Helen Keller.
UmaMaheshwar Stotra

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