Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shri Medha Suktam

Shri Medha Suktam

Shri Medha Suktam is in Sanskrit and it is from Rugveda. This is a very pious and powerful suktam. By reciting this suktam daily with faith, devotion and concentration we can acquire a good and powerful memory, fame, good thoughts, courage, wisdom, internal light, good creative energy, sound health and we become younger not only by mind but by body also, irrespective of our age. All this we receive by the blessings of Medha Devi.
1) Angaris, Saptrushi, God Indra, Aghni and God Brahma may give me powerful memory which will never vanish.
2) God Varun, Goddess Saraswati and AshiviniKumar may bless me and give me good Intellect, Wisdom.
3) O! Goddess Medha, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Gods always possess good intellect. Same type of Intellect is to be received by me by your blessings.
4) O! Goddess Medha, I have never read Vedas but I request you to bestow the knowledge of Vedas to me which is always found with the people who have a vast knowledge of Vedas. The knowledge acquired by me through my organs, be always remembered by me.
5) O! Goddess Medha, My body should always remain young. My power of speech should always envy the bad things which attract my mind and lead the mind to do bad things. I should always remember what I am hearing. I should always be enthusiastic. I must have always faith for God Sun (Divine light) and true Knowledge.
6) O! Goddess Medha, please bestow good intellect and knowledge to me, which is found with Gandharvas and Godlike strong people. Divine light and knowledge always remain with me by your blessings. My body is becoming weak day by day, please bless me and see that my body becomes young.
7) O! Goddess Medha, God Indra likes his miraculous intellect and wisdom which has fulfilled all his ambitions and it is because of your blessings to him. Please bless me with the same intellect and wisdom.
8) O! Goddess Medha, Gods and my fore fathers always worship you. I request you to bless me. I should receive good thinking power and creative energy with your blessings.
9) O! Goddess Medha, I will become healthy, filled with faith, divine light, creative energy, and dedicated, famous, courageous and intellectual orator because of your blessings. I will influence the world with my knowledge.
Here ends Shri MedhaSuktam which is from Rugveda.

Mars in the twelfths house is found creating troubles in the life. People are found very expensive without thinking. Such people are always found in debt since there nature is to raise debt anywhere and anyhow. Eyes face troubles due to heat. There are many enemies. Due to hasty and lazy nature projects found incomplete. Many times such people are found of deceiving nature. Such people also met with same results. Mars along with Mercury (Budha) in this house in yuti yoga creates troubles due to talking or writing without thinking. So such people need to be very careful to achieve what they plan.

Thought for the Day

Fury and anger carry the mind away.


There is no royal road to learning.

Question and Answer
About job. Date 27:10:1971
There is a possibility of securing a job upto 22nd December 2009.
Wishing you All the best.
Shri Medha Suktam
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