Saturday, July 3, 2010


This Chaakshushhopanishhad is in Sanskrit. This is a stotra of God Surya. Anybody reciting this stotra daily with concentration, faith and devotion becomes free from all eye diseases.
1. Ahirbughnya is Rushi of this Chaakshushi Vidya. Gayatri is Chanda, and God Surya is devata of this Chaakshushi Vidya. I am reciting this vidya for removing my eye disease.
2 Om! O! God Surya let your luster, light be settled in my eyes. Please protect me. Protect me. Please remove my eye disease immediately. Remove my eye disease immediately.
3 Please show me your gold like luster. Please show me light which shows your power. Please make something and see that I will not become blind. Please think about my welfare. Bestow welfare to me.
4 I had committed sins in my previous births which are resulting in my eye disease. Please make me free from this bad effect of my sins and remove all my sins of my earlier births also.
5 Om! I bow God Bhaskara (surya) since you are the cause of creating light, luster in my (everybody’s) eyes. Om! Very kind God Surya, you are nectar (Amrut). Hence I bow to you. I bow to god Surya.
6 Om! I bow to him (God Surya) who is Luster of my eyes. I bow to him (God Surya) who is always sporting (travelling) in the sky. I bow to him (God Surya) who is behind everybody’s inspiration of (Rajo guna) doing something useful. I bow to him (God Surya) who has given shelter to darkness (tamo guna).
7 O! God Surya, please lead me to the truth from non truth. O! God Surya, please raise me to light from darkness. O! God Surya, please make me immortal from mortal.
8 God Surya is representing heat and He is very pious and pure. His luster and light is very powerful and beyond comparison. There is nobody as lustrous as God Surya. Anybody reciting this chakshushopanishad every day becomes free from eye diseases. He will never be a victim of eye disease. Not only has that but nobody from his family become blind. Anybody who teaches (donates) this chakshushi vidya to eight Brahmins, and then this vidya becomes very powerful to him.
Thus here completes this Krishna Yajurvediya chakshushopanishad.
Thought for the Day
Inspiration and genius – one and the same.
-Victor Hugo.
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able
to entertain a thought without accepting it.

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