Saturday, July 26, 2008

MahaGanapati Stotra

Mahganapati Stotra

AshtaVinayak Darshan

Mahganapati Stotra

We always start any work by Ganesh Vandana.Lord Ganesh is destroyer of all our
troubles,worries,tensions.Lord Ganesh gives us all sorts of intelligence,Knowledge,money,happiness and everything.So we start with MahaGanapati Stotra.I am going to cover many Stotras of many Devatas on my this blog, which may be useful to everyone.

This is a Ganesh Stotra which is very powerful and very simple to say. All my hurdles are vanished by repeatedly saying this stotra with full concentration every day once only. I found Blessings of Lord Ganesh always with me. In this Stotra there 12 very meaningful names of Lord Ganesh. When we start any project or anything holy duty; we worship Lord Ganesh to make us free from all the obstacles and difficulties to complete the project. By reciting these 12 names, we pray Lord Ganesh to make us free from danger, obstacles, fear and to give us knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, prosperity, offspring, peace and Moksha or liberation from the bondages of life and death.

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