Monday, July 28, 2008

Atharvashirsha part 1

Ganapati Atharvashisha

This is also a Ganesh Stotra. In this Stotra we are praising Lord Ganesh and admitting his power which controls all the universal things, men and women, animals, plants and everything and beyond. This stotra is very important and rhythmically saying this stotra creates lot of energy and makes us very powerful and we receive all blessings from Lord Ganesh.

Ganapati Atharvashisha

We will study little bit of the general horoscope. We start with Mars.
Mars is very power planet in the horoscope.When Mars is in his own Rashi i.e.Mesha or Vrischika or in Makara( Own exalation Rashi) then Mars is consider to be powerful.In such condition Mars makes a brave,daring and bold man. however when Mars is aspected by malefics or is with malefics then cruelty, quarreling nature is found,accidents,bad health are also found.When we pray Ganesha, Ganesh being Mars devata, removes all bad effects of Mars.

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