Friday, August 1, 2008

Shri Laghu Sapatshati Stotra Part 2

How to view this blog.

1) you will notice that the main stotra is in devnagari. And is in image form.

2) If you want to increase the size of font, then just click on the stotra itself and you can see it as big as you want.

3) This blog is for you and if you want you can download as many stotras as you like without any charge.

4) let me know any stotra which you like to have, I will try my level best and make you available the same on this blog.

5) All the stotras published in current month, will be listed one by one with there names.

6) For earlier month’s stotras you will have to browse through the Archives.

7) At the bottom of this blog there is an e-mail button you can utilize for sending e-mail to your friend.

8) There is also a Google search Button for your use.

9) Please don’t forget to poll and register your opinion about the blog.

10) Thank you and wishing best viewing.

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