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Bhimrupi Stotra

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Bhimrupi Stotra

This is a Hanuman Stotra written by Shri Ramdas Swami. We pray Hanuman and describe his Strength and how he is powerful. We ask happiness and to remove all sorrow from our life.

1) Saturn or Shani
Saturn gives us information regarding misery, sickness, poverty, misfortune, failure, sinful acts, debts, longevity of life. Saturn has got a black form, slim body and composition of the body shows more of wind. Basically very idle but if is in good yogas with Jupiter, Sun or Mangal then these people are found hard working. He has got firm face and deep eyes. His face will never reveal anything about his true nature. He is found very firm in his decision. He is found orthodox in his behavior.
Saturn owns Makara or Capricorn and Kumbha or Aquarius and Tula or Libra is his Uttacha Rashi. Saturn In the above Rashies gives good results. Pusha, Anuradha and uttata Bhadrapada are his nakashatras. Saturn’s Vinshotari Mahadasa is of 19 years. Any planet according to its position in the horoscope is able to produce good or bad results in his own Vinshotari Mahadasa. The nature of results depends on, his different position occupied in the horoscope. Saturn in Tula makes person proud and close-fisted. However Saturn in Kumbha makes person noble. Saturn In Mesha, Sinha or Dahnu Rashi makes person straight forward, honest in his dealings however he is found quarrelsome and impatient. Saturn in Vrishabha rashi makes person with some bad habits and passion. Saturn in Kanya Rashi makes person very suspicious and inquisitive. Saturn in Vrischika rashi makes person cunning.

2) Thought for the day
Time never wait for anybody.
3) Success
Success lies in our positive attitude.

Bhimrupi Stotra

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