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Shri Vishnu SahastraNam Part 1

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ShriVishnu Sastranam
These are one thousand names of Shri Vishnu. By reciting these names we pray Shri Vishnu from removal of all sorts of difficulties from our life and bring us good fortune, Peace and give us property.
Budha or Mercury
Education, Language, Poetry, Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce are controlled by Budha. People in whose horoscopes Budha is main planet are found engaged in Accountancy, Accountant, working in Banks, Lecturers, Printing Press, Communication , Grain and grocery shops. Budha controls green colour. Budha with Shani or Harshal in Karka, vrischika or Meena Rashies shows some defect in person’s talk. Ravi and Shukra are Budha’s friends and Chandra is his enemy. Mangal, Guru and Shani are neutral to him. Please remember that any planet in his friend’s house i.e. rashi gives good results, as in his own rashi. Any planet in his enemy’s rashi is unable to give good results. Mithun and Kanya are Budha’s own rashies. Meena is not a good rashi for Budha. Aashlesha, Jeshta and Rewati are Budha’s nakshatras. Vinshotari dasa of Budha is of 17 years.
2) Thought for the Day
Try to find out, who is behind your thinking, in your mind and you will have the answer for your every problem.
3) Success
I always think that whatever we think leads our life to the success or failure. If our mind is filled with successful thoughts there are 75% chances to be successful. Many times; if we observe our mind then we will come to know that we are always thinking about the things that we don’t want to happen. We fear that these things will happen and we may fail. I label it as Negative thinking. So better to be positive in your mind and then take all your efforts to achieve your target. You will be successful.
Shri Vishnu SahastraNam Part 1 of 4

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