Friday, August 1, 2008

Shri Laghu Sapatshati Stotra Part 1

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Now we will study all the planates one by one astrologically, how these planates affects us. I will be covering One planate with one stotra. So as soon as a new stotra is published in my Stotra Blog, rest assured that you will get some astrological information about a planate till all 12 planates are covered. Today we are starting with The Sun or Ravi.
The SUN OR RAVI Astrologically
Ravi is important in respect of health and longitivity of life. Ravi is having bilious temperament, has less hair, red and tall, square body. We can know about our health and longitivity according to the position of Ravi in our horoscope. Ravi is Atama karaka and valiant. Our body gets heat because of Ravi which is good for our health however the heat of Mars or Mangal is never considered good for our health. Ravi is lord of Sinha Rashi or Leo. Moon or Chandra, Mars or Mangal and Jupiter or Guru are friends of Ravi. When Ravi is in Sinha Rashi in the horoscope or in the Rashies of his friends, his good qualities can be expected. Mercury or Budha is nuetral to Ravi and Saturn or Shani and Venus or Shukra are his enemies. Whenever Ravi is found in his enemies Rashies results may be bad. Ravi is a male Planate. We know about our father by studying the position of Ravi in our horosope. When Ravi is in Tula or Libra Rashi in a horoscope, we know that there is a problem about father. By nature Ravi is hard-hearted,rough and harsh but of good humour.Ravi's Nakshatras are Krutika, Uttara and uttarashadha. Ravi's Vishontari Mahadasha is of 10 (ten) years. Position, respect, self respect ,confidence or over confidence, politics, courage and daring, obedient of law, Business, Profession or service; fight for right, power, happiness, anything auspicious, our bones, eyes, heart are under influence of Ravi. Ravi shows service or business with government departments. If Ravi is found in the 2nd ,6th ,8th or 12th house in a horoscope then good qualities of Ravi may turns into bad qualities. and if in such condition Ravi is with his enemies and or in enemies rashies then worst things may be seen in the person's life regarding his health, service, business, financial conditions may be bad, there may not be success. Such person is required to worship the Sun by reciting Sun's stotras. Shri Shiv Proktam Suryashtakam, Shri Akshupanishad and Aaditya-Rhudaya Stotram will shortly be published on this blog.

2) Psychological thought
Don't be afraid of what bad will happen in future just concentrate on whatever you are doing right now. Every thing will go good for you all the time.Never believe in defeat.When you get up in the morning allways say that this new day is bringing all good to me.I will make everybody happy with whom-so-ever i may come in contact with today and in turn i will also be happy.
3) Here is a Success.
Develop the courage to change the things we can. Appreciate the success of others by congratulating them by heart.

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