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Shri SitaRamchandra Stotra

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SitaRamchandra Stotra

This is a stotra written by Shri Hanuman. This is a SitaRamchandra reverence by Shri Hanuman. Only two stanzas are there but if recited with full concentration it brings us Wealth and Prosperity.

1) Guru or Jupiter
Guru or Jupiter gives us information regarding how much knowledge person is having, How many good qualities he has, how he behaves with the public, about the money or wealth he is having, about issues i.e. Mostly about sons, his attachment to the god, religious nature, honor,
Intelligence, learning, teaching, imparting of knowledge without expecting anything. Generally Guru gives a large body. Guru owns Dhanu or Sagittarius and Meena or Pisces rashies. Karka or Cancer is his Swochecha rashi.If he is in his own rashi or karka rashi good results are expected.
Nakshtras of Guru are Punarvasu, Vishakha and PurvaBhadrapada. Guru is considered powerful in his nakshtras. He is very powerful is Punarvasu being a devagani nakshtra. His Vinshotari Dasa is of 16 years.

2) Thought for the Day
It is our thoughts which keep us aware.
It is easier to flatter, however it is harder to praise from the bottom of the heart.

3) Success
Success comes to those who search for it with there all out efforts and intelligence.

Shri SitaRamchandra Stotra

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