Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shri NavaDurga Stotra

Shri NavDurga Stotra
This is a Devi Stotra and it is in Sanskrit. There are nine auspicious Devi names which are very famous and each and every Devi is the destroyer of a very dangerous demon. Reciting this stotra makes us fearless and sinless.

1) Mangal or Mars Mangal controls energy or power in a person which is required to do any type of work. Mangal is less thinker and fast reactor planet. If Mangal is a dominating planet in a horoscope, then such person is found taking quick actions, however these actions may not be correct since deep thinking is not behind these actions. Nature of mangal is found ready to fight or quarrel, ready for any competition, found daring, ready for resistance, some sort of selfishness is also found in there action. Mangal dominating persons are found ruling others. These persons are born rulers. They don’t like to work under anybody. Such persons are found in military, police dept, ammunition factories. They will not take anybody’s advice, nor like to hear it. Mangal is owner of Mesha or Aries, Vrischika or Scorpio. Mangal is very powerful in Makara or Capricorn. In the above rashies Magal is found developing good qualities. However in Karka or Cancer rashi Mangal is found creating bad results. Mangal is for Courage, Daring, Resolute, Determined, Generous, Short-tempered, stubborn and impatient. Mangal has a slender waist, curled and shining hair. Mangal has fierce eyes, he is bilious and cruel in nature.He wears a red garment and of a red in colour. He looks young, is generous. Mruga, Chitra and Dhanishta are Mangal’s Nakshatras. Mangal’s Vinshotari Dasha is of 7 years. Any planet is seen giving good or bad results in his Vinshotari Mahadasha. 2) Psychological thought Mahatma Gandhi : If you don’t find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further. George Bernard Shaw : There is only one religion, though there are hundred versions of it. 3) Here is a Success i) Successful people are always found courteous, never rude to others. ii) They know that being rude to others is a mistake. iii) They believe that they are not for criticism but for understanding others.
Shri NavaDurga Stotra

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