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Bhagwan Manas Pooja Stotra

Bhagwan Manas Pooja Stotra
The Bhagwan Manas Pooja Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a Pooja or Worship of God Krishna made by his devotee. This pooja is performed by the devotee in his mind. He has visualized God Krishna in his heart.
He described the pooja as under.
1 I see Bhgwan Shrikrishna in my lotus like heart. God Krishna’s body color is like the cloud filled with water i.e. dark blue. His beautiful eyes are like lotus.He has a garland around his neck.He has gold crest on his head, gold ring and other gold ornaments on his body. His mouth is shining like the moon on full moon night. He has Basuri in his hand and Keshar is applied on his body. He is surrounded by many Gopies. I see God Krishna, as above in frot of me.
2 O! Bhagwan Keishna, I request you to enter into my lotus like heart by leaving your place in the milk-ocean. I have kept a throne ready for you. The throne is made up of gold and many jewels and jems are applied on it. O lord Krishna you have born in Yadukula. God Shrikrishna your feet are having auspicious signs. I am washing your feet with holy and pure water. O! God Murare (having Basuri in the hand), I am giving you Durva, Fruits, Holy Water, Kumkum and Akshata for Arghya. Please accept it.
3 O! Wamana, O! God Upendra I have brought holy and cold water from auspicious Ganga river. Please accept it for Aachaman. O Destroyer of sins God Krishna, I have brought Panchamrut (sugar, milk, honey, curd and ghee) for your bath. Please accept it. So also I have brought juice of all good and sweet fruits. I have kept holy water of Ganga and Yamuna in a gold pitcher.Please bath. After bathing accept the holy water for Aachaman.
4 O! God Shrikrishna you are destroyer of demons and always victorious. You have married Rukhmini after defeating devils. I have brought two clothes for you one is for wearing and other is for covering the body. The clothes are shining like lightning and yellow in color. O1 brother of Balrama and destroyer of Pralambasur demon, I have brought soft Yajnopavita (thred of cotton wear by males after their thread in ceremony) for you please wear it around your neck.
I am offering you paste of Sandal wood and Kasturi. Please apply it on your forehead. Please wear the garland which is made up of lotus and holy basil and other flowers.
5 O! God Krishna, you are always giving your blessings to your devotees. I have kept pastil near your feet please accept it. I am performing Aarti (moving a lamp in circular motion before the God’s mouth). Your mouth is as pure as moon. I am copying your idol into my heart. O! God you are praised by Bruhaspati. Please accept the scented and holy water for Aachaman.
6 O! Son of Yashoda, God Krishna, I have brought food offering for you, which include 5 types of sweets containing six types of juice. The food contains much different type of items which you will like. The food offering is brought in gold plate. A bowl of ghee made from the milk of cow is also kept in the plate. Please accept it and eat it with all your friends. Please drink the scented holy water in between.
7 O! God Shrikrishna, I have brought Tambul (a roll of the betal leaf containing areca-nut, lime, Cardamoms, Cocount Etc.) for you. Please eat it after your meal. I have brought sweet and very testy fruits for you. Please eat. O! God you have been embraced by Laxmi. I have brought Gold ornaments, jems and jewels for you. O! God I am performing Aarti. Please accept it.
8 O! God Krishna I am offering holy basil and bel (leaf and tree sacred to Lord Shiva) and scented flowers for you, please accept it. I know that everybody including me ends his life in sorrow because of the attachments. I am performing 4 Pradakshinas (moving around The God in circular motion). Pradakshina is destroyer of my sins and sorrows.
9 O! God Krishna, I bow in front of you. I am performing AshtangaNamaskara to you. It is the type of bowing where the performer touches the land with his forehead, hands, head, chest, and knees.
Such type of bowing is destroyer of all troubles and difficulties.
I sing, dance and praise you to please you. Please accept all my worship performed by me in my mind. I am your servant. Please forgive me if I have committed any mistake while performing the pooja. If anything which is required to perform in pooja is not done by me, then please complete it by yourself. I bow you again and again.
10 Bhagwan Krishna’s body color is like the cloud having water in it i.e. dark blue. He has Basuri in his one hand and in other hand he is holding rice with curd. He always does good deeds however at times he enjoyes with his wives i.e. Rukhamini and SatyaBhama by drawing their pictures with Sandal wood paste and Kasturi. At times he is found playing with his friends. Please worship him always. Please serve him always.
11 By the will of Shri Manikarni Devi ma, this Bhagwan Mans Pooja is performed. It is believed that any wise person, devotee waking up early in the morning performs this Manas Pooja receives blessings from God ShriKrishna.
Thus Bhagwan Manas Pooja ends here.

Moon-Harshal Yuti Yoga

The person in whose horoscope this Moon-Harshal Yuti Yoga is found,
may be a very wise and intelligent person. They have got their own opinions and thoughts. They will act as they wish and think. However if
this yuti yoga is in aspect of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, ketu then many troubles are seen in their life. Frequent changes in service, business or economical conditions are seen. Their Married life may also have a problem. Their mother may have a long physical disease. However if this yuti is in aspect of Guru, Shukra or Budha then many good and favourable results are seen.

Thought for the Day

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all
the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


What we know, we must bring it into practice.
Bhagwan Manas Pooja Stotra

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