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Shri KalBhairavashtakam

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Shri KalBhairavashtakam

Shri KalBhairavashtakam is a Sanskrit Stotra. It is a very beautiful creation of Shri Adi Shankaracharaya. It is a praise of Shri Kalbhairava i. e. God Shiva who resides in Kashi i.e. Banaras, holy city in India. I have tried to translate the meaning of the stotra. It is very difficult to find exact word in English for Sanskrit word, with the same meaning. It is possible to loose the original beauty of the stotra while translating. I am sorry for that.
I always worship very kind hearted God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva). whose holy feet are worshiped by the king of Gods i.e. Indra; who has worn Moon as an ornament on his head; who is wearing serpent as a sacrificial thread; who has no clothes on his body; whom Narad rushi and other great yogis are worshiping.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Who is shining as a shining of thousands and thousands of Sun; Who makes us free from bondage (Sansar); Who is having a blue throat; Who gives anything we desire; Who is having three eyes; Who has Akshamala and Trishula as weapons in his hands; and whose eyes are like lotus.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Whose colour of the body is dark blue; Who has Shula, Tanka, Pasha and Dand (Weapons) in his hand ( to destroy the evil things); Who is everlasting and primary cause of the universe; Who is free from three kinds of annoyances; Whose valor is great and who likes Tandava dance.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Who is beautiful and praiseworthy; whole world is his body; who has worn gold cord twist around the lions which makes a very good sound; who is loved by devotees and who makes us free from (life) bondages.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva) .
Who is protector of religion; and destroyer of evil things and unreligious activities; who makes us free from the doctrine that salvation comes from (work) what we do; who is everywhere and whose body is decorated by golden colour Sheshanaga.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Who has silver foot wears (Paduka) in his feet; who is pure; who is everlasting; who is unparallel; who is everybody’s God; who is destroyer of pride of god of death (Yama); Who liberate and makes us free from (life) bondage. We have to take birth again and again after each death to suffer what we do in every birth. This is on going process. God KalBhairava makes us free from it.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Who is destroyer of all kinds of sins; who is a strict and tough administrator; who endorse us eight types of enlightenments (Astasidhi) and who has worn Kapal garland.
I always worship very kind God of Kashi nagari (KalBhairva).
Who is a leader of all leaving spices; who makes his devotees renowned and famous; who makes all the persons free from sins, bondages; who leaves in Kashi; Who knows philosophy, ethics and who is owner of the universe.
KalaBhairava always gives blessing to the devotees and unlimited knowledge. This KalBhairvashatakam is remover of unhappiness, selfishness, anger, greed and sorrow from our life. The devotees who recite this stotra leave with KalBhairava after their death.
This Stotra is to be recited daily with devotion, concentration and faith in mind to receive the blessings from Shri KalBhairava.

Moon-Jupiter (Guru) yuti yoga
Moon-Jupiter yuti is very good for the people whose ascendant is in Karka, Vrichika, Meen or Sinha since Mangal, Moon and Sun are friends of Jupiter. Such people can be successful in politics. There contribution for social works is really found very great. Socially also these people become famous and renowned. This yuti gives very good results for the house in which it is found in the horoscope. Suppose this yuti is in Second house in a horoscope then such people are found very rich. They can make a lot of money in any work they undertake.
Family members are also found very big. Thus this yuti promotes the good results for the house in which it is found in the horoscope.
These people are found kind hearted and always ready to help others. They are found very humble, rich, victorious and very determined.

Thought for the day

Laugh like a child if you are wise.


Honest labour bears a lovely face.
Shri KalBhairavashtakam

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I have a question - Mala santati yog kadhi aahe sangal ka please?
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Shri Kalbhairav stotra is very very like and nice.
Ravindra Suthar,vadodara,Gujarat

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Thanks for Translation.

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