Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shri Lalita Panchakam

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Shri Lalita Panchakam
Today i.e. Vaishakha Shudha Panchami i.e. April 29, 2009 is birth anniversary day of Shri Mat Adi Shankaracharya. Hence in his memory I post Lalita Panchakam.
This is a pious Sanskrit stotra and is a very beautiful creation of ShriMat Adi ShankaraCharya. There are six stanzas in all. First five are praise of Lalita Devi and Sixth stanza tells us what we receive by chanting this stotra with full faith in mind, concentration and devotion.
Acharya says:-

Early in the morning I bow to Lalita Devi who is having a smile on her face and who’s face is very beautiful, having red lips, Nose with ornament of gold & pearl on it, with long eyes and ears having gold Kundals and she has applied Kasturi (fragrant substance found in deer) on her forehead.
I bow to Lalita Devi early in the morning whose hands are like kalpalata, red rings in fingers, and Gold bangles in the hands with Pundra-Enka bow and arrows with flowers surrounding them and Ankush (sort of weapon) in her hands.
I bow to Lalita Devi’s feet which are worshiped by Brahma and other Devata, which are having Padma, Ankush, Dwagha, and Sudarshana as auspicious signs, these feet give everything to devotees and help them to lead a peaceful happy life in this birth.
I praise Lalita Devi early in the morning. Her prosperity is beyond description of Vedas and she is having a very kind and pure heart. She is here before creation of this world, she is here till this world goes well and she will be there after the end of this world. She is the cause of the world. Lalita Devi is main devata of knowledge. She is far away from Vedas, Vani and speed of the mind.
Lalita Devi I recite your very auspicious names which are 1 Kameshwari 2) Kamala 3) Maheshwari 4) Shambhavi 5) JagatJanani 6) Para 7) Vakdevi and 8) Tripureshwari. These names always give blessing as soon as these are recited.
Whosoever recites Lalita Panchakam with full faith in mind, concentration and devotion immediately receives her blessings and gets knowledge, prosperity, pure happiness and fame.

Moon-Mercury (Budha) Yuti Yoga
This yuti yoga is considered as a good yoga. These people are very wise and practical. They may be good in poetry, literature.
They laugh while talking. Soft and kind words are used by them. This yuti in shubha (good) yoga with Harshal, Guru (Jupiter), Sun or Neptune shows people with good imagination power, Learned, Famous, having intuition power, good in literature, commerce and good writer.

Thought for the Day

Read the man in his face.


Imagination rules the world.
Shri Lalita Panchakam

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