Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shri Hanumat Kavacham

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Shri Hanumat Kavacham

Shri Hanumat Kavacham is in Sanskrit. Agasti Rushi and Narad Rushi are talking about it in Brahmanda Purana. This Kavacham is the creation of God Rama. It starts with bowing to God Ganesh. Ramchandra is the rushi of it. Hanuman is Devata (God), Bija is Maruti, the power (Shakti) is son of Anjani, and Success in our every endeavor is the purpose of reciting this kavacham. Then each and every finger of our right hand is taken as Hanuman himself and we bow to him chanting his five auspicious names. These names appear in the video. Then Dhyanam starts. We have to close our eyes and visualized Hanuman, see him, think of his virtues and utter the dhyanam sholakas. Then we request God Hanuman to protect us from all ten directions. The main kavacham starts and we request lord Hanuman to protect each and every part of our body, while doing so we call him with his name. (Part of the body and different auspicious name of Hanuman each time)
The above is not the word to word transliteration, only important part of the kavacham is tried to translate. We have to recite this Kavacham daily with faith, concentration and devotion to receive all the desired things. Our every good wish is fulfilled by reciting it. Those who have lost confidence are requested to recite this kavacham every day. May all your good wishes be fulfilled by the grace of God Hanuman.

Sun-Moon yuti yoga
The yuti yoga gives mixed results. Persons having this yuti yoga in their horoscope are found having physical problems. If this yuti is with Mars, Saturn, Harshal, Neptune or Rahu-Ketu or in there aspect then it is definite that such people are having a bad health. This Yuti in Tula, Mithun or Kumbha Rashi then such people are found very intelligent, clever. If Yuti is in third house, then Such people are fond of righting, reading, thinking may also be creative. If yuti is in good aspect of Guru or Jupiter then these people become famous and are found well-known since they are creative and have many good virtues.

Thought for the day

Time and tide never wait for anybody.


Successful people know that sometime the best gain is to lose.
Shri Hanumat Kavacham

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