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Ram: Gods and Goddesses of India: 9 (Gods & Goddesses of India)RamaRam Darbar, All God giving Blessing, Wood Frame24" SHRI RAMA MARYADAPURUSHOTTAMA HINDU GOD INDIASir Rama as God Almighty ; Adhyatma RamayanamRama

Shri Ram Hrudayam is in Sanskrit. It is told by Shri Ram himself in presence of Shri Hanuman. It starts with bowing to Ganesh. Then God Shri Shankar is telling Ram Hrudayam in Shri Ram’s own words. The main meaning of this stotra is atman and parmatman are not two but they are one in totality. We see the reflection of the sky in the water so is the paramatman reflection is seen in every individual as atman. However we the mortals think that God or Parmatama is in Heaven and he is separate from us. We have to understand that Parmatama is within us only and we all are one. Shri Ram Hrudayam is from Adhyatam Ramayana.

Sun-Mars yuti yoga
The yuti yoga gives mixed results. Persons having this yuti yoga in their horoscope are found very bold, fearless, strong, daring, and courageous. The yuti yoga in 1st, 2nd and 10th house in horoscope, gives commanding position in any service, business or profession. These people are successful in government services.
However the yuti is found not good for health. The yuti, In bad houses and with bad yoga with Harshal, Shani, Rahu or ketu is very dangerous. Major accidents or severe threats to life may be caused.

Thought for the day

Make friendships with positive people.


Successful people never entertain a failure thought.

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