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Shri Shanaichar Stotram

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Shri Shanaichar Stotram

This Stotra is in Sanskrit. Dasharath is rushi of this stotra.
Chhanda is Tristup. Shanaichar is Devata of this stotra. At the starting Dasharath bowed to God Ganesh and then he says Konantako, RoudraYamo, Babru, Krishnaha, Shani, Pingal, Manda and Souri are the names of Son of Ravi. (Shani is son of Ravi) Whosoever remembers him by chanting above names becomes free from all his troubles and obstacles. Then in the next three stanzas are describing the places that produce troubles to us. Shani makes us free from these troubles. Then in 5th Stanza how Shani is pleased is stated. Shani is pleased by donating Til i.e. Sesame, Barley, Raw Sugar and Iron. In the 9th he says whosoever recites this stotra with his family members becomes happy and receives all material pleasures.
The Ten famous names of Shani are as under. 1) Konstha 2) Pingal 3) Babhru 4) Krishna (black) 5) Roudrantako 6) Yama 7) Souri 8) Shanaichar 9) Manda 10) Pipalad who recites these names every day will not be troubled by Shani. As per Astrology we believe in Sadesati which is caused by Shani and becomes troublesome for about 7 and half years. This sadesati period becomes bearable if we recite this Stotra. Further if Saturn is badly placed in your horoscope or is with Mars, Harshal or Rahu then you are requested to recite this stotra every day and make your life happy.

Sun-Saturn (shani) Yuti Yoga
This yuti yoga is considered as a bad yoga. This yuti yoga produces bad fruits in the person’s life in whose horoscope this yuti yoga is found. Sun and Saturn is enemy to each other. This yuti shows troubles to and troubles from father or elder member in the family. Many times it shows troubles from heart diseases also. In business progress is found very slow. In service promotions are very late.

Thought for the day

Faith power works wonders.


Make a habit of producing a quality work to be successful.
Shri Shanaichar Stotram

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