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Akshupanishad is in Sanskrit. It is a praise made by Bhagwan Sangkruti and a prayer also of God Aditya i.e. Sun. He says God Sun you have got a big army of your rays which destroys darkness and brings us light. You are the power behind our eyes by which we can see this beautiful world. God Sun please carry us from false to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. By reciting this Akshupanishad daily with full concentration, devotion and unshakable faith in mind we become successful in our every endeavor, receive Happiness, peace, sound health and everything we wished. This gives very best results for the persons, who are having eye disease or any eye problem. After chanting Akshupanishad as described above, their eye problem or disease gets removed and they receive good eyesight.
Sun-Mercury (Budha) yuti Yoga
Yuti: Planets are said to be in yuti yoga if they are not more than 8 degrees difference from each other. Suppose Sun is in Mithuna Rashi at 15 degrees and Mercury in Mithuna at 7degrees or at 22 degrees,
Then Sun and Mercury are said to be in Yuti yoga.
Sun and Mercury in yuti yoga, corresponding to 3rd, 5th, 9th or 10th house in the horoscope, then such person is found very intelligent, good in math or literature and may also be a writer. This yuti in Mithuna, Toola or Kumbha or kanya in a person’s horoscope shows a very intelligent, clever person. They may be good in arts, acting. However their nature is found quarrelsome. In kanya rashi the person is found practical.

Thought for today

There is no difficulty we can’t overcome.


I believe in faith power to be Successful.

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