Saturday, February 28, 2009


ShriKrishnaShtakam is very nice creation of shri Adi Shankaracharya.
This stotra is in Sanskrit and it is of 8 Stanzas. Each and every stanza is describing God ShriKrishna, his virtues and his greatness. Stanza ends with Shankaracharya, humbly saluting god ShriKrishna.
In the first stanza acharya is saying that you (ShriKrishna) are destroyer of sins committed by your devotees. In the second stanza he is saying that you (ShriKrishna) have lifted the big mountain like Govardhan to protect people in vrindavan. (There is stories about it please find it out and read it.) In the fifth stanza acharya is saying, ShriKrishna is destroyer of evil people. In the sixth stanza acharya is saying that Lord ShriKrishna is having many virtues, he is a place of happiness, ocean of kindness and always showering blessings on his devotees. Finally acharya is asking ShriKrishana to do a favor so that acharya can be able to tell ShriKrishna’s true and good stories forever.

Twelfth House in our Horoscope: Please see my earlier post for the diagram of the horoscope showing houses with there numbers, so that you will get the idea of the house which I am referring here.

Twelfth House: This house rules Left eye, leg, loss, occultism, sorrow, secrets, sin, bed, imprisonment, loneliness, discharge of debts, enemy, traveli
ng or going away to another place, death, dishonor, loss in business, profession etc.

Thought for today

Children are more happy that adults. Find out why? and try to be happy always.


I don’t believe in defeat; I believe in Success.

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