Saturday, February 21, 2009


This NirvanaShtakam is in Sanskrit and a very beautiful creation of Shri Mat Adya Shankaracharya. Everybody consciously or unconsciously is in search of who I am? We have now reached an advanced stage where we know that I am not the body but then I may be the mind. Here in this Stotra Shri Mat Shankaracharya describes till the Fifth sholaka that what I am not. In last sholaka he is telling us that I am without any form like body or rupa, I am engulfing everything and everybody, I am everywhere, I have neither bondage nor freeness and I am sat, chit and Anand and I am shivoham shivoham.
Tenth House in our Horoscope: Please see my earlier post for the diagram of the horoscope showing houses with there numbers, so that you will get the idea of the house which I am referring here.
Tenth House: This house rules Karma, Service, profession, honor, respect, fame, success, failure, thigh, doctor, athletics, sacrifice, agriculture etc.

Thought for today
The cure for fear is faith.

Develop a plan for reaching to your goal.

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