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This Sapta Shloki Durga Stotra is in Sanskrit and it is told to Bhagwan Shiva by Durga Mata herself. Shiva asked Durga “tell me what your devotees should do to achieve success in their endeavor easily and without any troubles?”
Durga Mata told him that my devotees may worship me by reciting 7 slokas with faith, devotion and concentration. By doing this they will receive all my blessings and will be successful in there every endeavor. Besides they will receive wealth, health, good memory, knowledge, success, good family life and victory. All their troubles, fear, sorrow and poverty will be removed from their life.
Many Durga devotees read Durga Sapta shati on many occasions in a year. However all devotees can’t read it since it is very difficult and is of 700 stanzas. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete it. So for such devotees this Sapta Shloki Durga Stotra is an alternate. These 7 shlokas of the stotra are from Durga Sapta Shati only. They can recite this stotra daily with faith, devotion and concentration.

Eighth House in our Horoscope: Please see my earlier post for the diagram of the horoscope showing houses with there numbers, so that you will get the idea of the house which I am referring here.
Eighth House: This house indicates death, Loss of money, accidents, defeat, scandals, longevity, obstacles, sudden gain, suicide, punishment, physical troubles, sorrow, insult etc. Moon in this house indicates suffering from diseases, short life. Mercury or Budha in this house shows long life, well known person and supporting his family.
Thought for the Day
It is very easy to tell a man that he is wrong. Instead try to respect other man’s opinion and see the positive difference which comes in your life.
Successful people arose an eager want of what they want to do.

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