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NavaGrahaPidaHar Stotra

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NavaGrahaPidaHar Stotra
This is a Sanskrit Stotra of nine planets. Each and every planet starting from Ravi (Sun) to Ketu is praised and requested to remove troubles, sorrow and all type of hurdles from the life. The person who is reciting this stotra is requesting to the planet to make his life free from all sorts of troubles, sorrow etc. Astrology says that in the horoscope of any individual, all the planets are never found favorable. There are some planets which are not favorable which may produce bad results in the life of an individual. Hence this stotra is required to recite daily with concentration, faith and devotion.

Seventh House in our Horoscope: Please see my earlier post for the diagram of the horoscope showing houses with there numbers, so that you will get the idea of the house which I am referring here.

Seventh House: This house indicates Husband or Wife, partner, desire, trade, short foreign trips, and knowledge of Legal Matters, people, sensual pleasure, and virility, Knowledge about life partner’s nature and many other things etc, married life, knowledge of disease of private parts of the body.

Thought for the Day

It is always best to avoid the argument than to enter into it. It generates positive energy. Try it and see the results.


To be Successful “give honest appreciation quickly” is always a good policy.
NavaGrahaPidaHar Stotra

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