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Shri Vyankatesh Stotra (Marathi) Part 1 of 3

Shri Vyankatesh Stotra (Marathi)

Shri Vyankatesh Stotra is in Marathi Language. This is written by Devidas. This is very auspicious stotra and many people use to recite this stotra everyday. Many people who recite this stotra with faith and concentration are benefited. They have received blessings from Shri Venkatesha and they have became prosperous, all sorrows and difficulties are vanished from their lives, those who have no offspring,
have received offspring. Those who were poor have become rich. Every wish is fulfilled by lord Vyankatesh. Devidas has also assured that whosoever recites this stotra with devotion, faith every day; lord Vyankatesh takes care of such person.
1) Astrology

We now learn about the houses in the horoscope.
The first House is Lagna or Ascendant.

We can understand and read following things from the first house.

1) First House: This house indicates the body, its appearance, health, strength, height, face, charter, longevity, hair, state of mind and health, insolence, arrogance, happiness, pride, misery, skin, discontent, desires and wishes. Any planet in this house affects the things described above, according to the characteristics of the rashi in which it is placed.

2) Thought for Today

Idleness is the generator of negative energy.

3) Success

Faith on ability is required for Success.

Shri Vyankatesh Stotra (Marathi) Part 1 of 2

Shri Vyankatesh Stotra (Marathi) Part 2 of 2


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