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Shri RamaShtakam

24" SHRI RAMA MARYADAPURUSHOTTAMA HINDU GOD INDIASir Rama as God Almighty ; Adhyatma RamayanamRamaRama Put His Trust in the Ape Hanuman (Son of the Wind God) to Find His Abducted Wife Sita Giclee Poster Print by K. Venkatappa, 18x24
Shri RamaShtakam
Shri Ramashtakam is in Sanskrit and it is a wonderful creation of Shri Brahmanand. He bows to God Ganesh. He says I bow to Lord Ram whose forehead is looking very beautiful with (Chandan) sandal paste applied on it. I bow to Lord Ram who helped rushies for completing their yadnyas, who had done final salvation (upliftment) of Ahilya, Who had broken very heavy bow of Lord Shankar to marry Sita. I bow to Lord Ram who went to forest to obey his father’s word, who had got bow in his hand, who had done final salavation of Jatayu. (Jatayu was the big bird that fought with Ravana to rescue Sita.) Further each and every stanza is describing a virtue of Lord Ram. Finally Shri Brahmanand says reciting this Ramashtakam makes us fearless. All the obstacles from our life are removed. We have to recite it with unshakable faith in mind, full concentration and devotion for Lord Ram.

Sun-Mercury (Budha) Yuti Yoga
This yuti yoga is considered as a good yoga. This yuti yoga gives happiness, People are found happy, clever, brilliant, and famous. Such people have a sweet tong; have a higher post in government departments. They are found well in arts, acting, fond of learning many things, have a good grasping power, very good in talking. However this yuti is to be studied very carefully. Yuti affected by Saturn, Mars, Harshal produces very bad effects.

Thought for the day

You are the creator of your happiness and no one else.


Successful people always think that for every problem there is a solution.
Shri RamaShtakam

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