Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ratri Suktam

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Ratri Suktam

Ratri Suktam is a stotra in Sanskrit. While performing SaptaShati Patha, we recite this stotra and then we perform SaptaShati Patha. Agarla Stotra and Kunjika Stotra are also recited before performing SaptaShati Patha. Ratri Sukta is a praise of Goddess Devi. It is a description of Devi Ma’s power and what she can do for her devotees. She is able to give us everything we desired for. She can destroy the obstacles, our enemies, makes us free from every trouble and thus makes our life happy, peaceful and prosperous. We have to recite this stotra daily with devotion, concentration and faith in mind.

Sun-Venus Yuti Yoga
This yuti yoga is considered as a good yoga. This yuti yoga gives happy nature, kindness, affection of the family, strong emotions. The people are so enthusiastic and happy that they can make others happy and enthusiastic. Likes and dislikes are found much more than normal. Mars, Saturn in their transition shows some bad results in their married life. These people are good in acting, music, drawing or fine arts. These people may have a bad vision.

Thought for the day

Positive attitude and faith works wonders.


Successful people always work hard, believe in it, and their thought (believing in success) becomes so powerful that it tends to assure success.
Ratri Suktam

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