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RunaMochak Mangal Stotram

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RunaMochak Mangal Stotram

RunaMochak Mangal Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is from Skanda Purana. Bhargava has recited or created this stotra. This stotra is very effective and it makes oneself free from debt. Anybody who recites this stotra daily with unshakable faith, devotion and concentration receives blessings from Bhagwan Mangal and becomes free from all his debt and receives ample money. This stotra is praise of Bhagwan Mangal by reciting his many names which starts from 1st stanza.
1 Mangal, Bhoomi Putra (son of Land), RunaHartha (Remover of debt), DhanaPrada (he who gives money), Stirasano (having a steady kingdom), Mahakaya (having a big and strong body), sarvakarma varodhaka (he who can create trouble in any task),
2 lohito, lohitaksha (he who is having eyes like hot iron), becomes pleased by praise, Dhartmaja (Son of Land), Kuja, Bhoumo, Bhootido, Bhoominandana.
3 Angarko, Yama, Destroier of diseases, if pleased then makes a person successful in any endeavor.
4 Whosoever recites the above listed Bhagwan Mangal’s names daily becomes free from debt and he receives plenty of money very shortly.
5 I bow to Bhagwan Mangal who has born from Land, who has a body like lightening, who has Shakti as a weapon his hand and who is always young.
6 Who recites this stotra daily becomes free from any troubles from Bhagwan Mangal. Bhgawan Mangal never makes even a small trouble to such person.
7 Bhagwan Mangal you are blessing your devotees. I am reciting your names hence please remove my debt and make me free.
8 So also please make me free from diseases, debt, poverty, untimely death, fear, troubles, difficulty and unstable mind.
9 I know that you can give any type of happiness even you can give kingdom to an ordinary man when you are pleased. However when you become angry you can make a king an ordinary man.
10 The above is applicable even to Gods like God Viranchi, God Indra and God Vishnu. Bhagwan Mangal doesn’t make any difference he behaves equally with man and God.
11 O! Bhagwan GrahaRaj Mangal you are very powerful. Please bless me and give me a son, money. I bow to you and I am surrendering to you please make me free from debt, poverty, unhappiness and fear from enemies.
12 Anybody who recites these twelve stanzas and pleased Bhagwan Mangal receives money becomes rich by receiving blessings from Bhagwan Mangal.
Here completes the RunaMochak Mangal Stotra which is from Skanda purana and created by Bhargava.

Mars in first house makes the person short tempered, obstinate and irritable. They always dominate others. They think that they are always right even though they are wrong. They won't like to hear anybody. Such people are found brave and of independent nature. They are found tall, having strong bones and healthy body. Such people can make their development faster and work quicker if they can control their anger. Bad results for this first house are seen if Mars is along with Saturn, Rahu or Mercury (Budha) in this house. Mars and Saturn in Yuti yoga indicate bad health. Mars and Rahu in Yuti yoga in female horoscope indicate problematic married life. Such ladies are found very rude and reckless and they may behave against the custom. Males are found very brave but they are very impatient, in ridiculous haste and egoistic. Mars and Venus (shukra) in Yuti yoga indicates the bad sexual habits. They are found not good morally. Such people spend more than what they earn.

Thought for the Day

Happiness can’t be traveled to, owned, earned or consumed. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
Dennis Waltley.


In the end it all comes down to enthusiasm. Your creativity is basically your expression of God-force.
Stuart Wilde.
RunaMochak Mangal Stotram

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