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Shri Dattatrey Dwadasha Nam Stotram

Shri Dattatrey Dwadasha Nam Stotram
This is a Dattatreya Stotra in Sanskrit. This consists of twelve pious names of God Dattatrey. Paramhansa is the rushi of this stotra. Shri Dattatreya is the devata. For fulfillment of all desires it is recited.
1) This stotra starts with bowing to God Ganesh. Paramhansa is the rushi of this Dattatrey Dwadasha nam stotra mantra. Shri Dattatrey is the paramatama devata. Anushutap is the chanda of this stotra. This stotra is recited for fulfillment of all desires/wants.
2) Now 12 pious names of God Dattatrey starts. 1 first is Mahayogi 2 second is Prabhurishwar 3 third is Trimurti 4 forth is Jansagar 5 fifth is janvijanam 6 sixth is Sarva Mangalam 7 seventh is Pundarikaksho 8 eight is Dev Vallabha 9 ninth is nanddevesho 10 tenth is Nandadayaka 11 eleventh is Maharudro and 12 twelfth is Karunakar.
3) These twelve names of God Dattatray are known as Mantraraj of God Dattatray.
4) This Mantraraj cures T.B., madness and skin diseases. It cures from any kind of fever. It protects from tyrannical government, from war, from water, danger from mountains, any danger in the house, danger from forest, from tigers and like dangerous animals and from thieves.
5) If it is recited a thousand times with concentration, faith and devotion then what ever is desired can be obtained. He who recites this stotra three times in a day becomes free from bondage from life and can acquire many spiritual powers. God Dattatrey always protects him. He becomes successful in all his endeavors.
6) Students acquire knowledge. This stotra cures those who are suffering from diseases. Those who don’t have son/daughter get offspring. Those who don’t have money get ample of money and become rich. Those who don’t have wife or not married become married. Those who want happiness become happy forever. Sinner becomes sinless. Victory is certain in any endeavor.
Thus here completes Shri Dattatrey Dwadasha Nam Stotram.


Mars in the third house makes person very firm, resolute, proud and competent. They become successful in their endeavor with their own efforts. They are Obstinate, impatient and stubborn. However they are not of ill will. They have lot of difference of opinions with brothers, sisters and neighbors. Quarrels over ancestral property are also possible. Mars with or in bad aspect of Harshal or Ravi or Saturn or Rahu or Ketu is prone to accidents. Due to lot of thinking and mental exhaustion they may suffer from brain diseases. Mars along with Saturn or Rahu or Harshal in Yuti yoga shows troubles to brothers and sisters. Mars in Yuti yoga with Rahu indicates troubles in journey.

Thought for the Day

For the friendship of two, the patience of one is required.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
Shri Dattatrey Dwadasha Nam Stotram

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