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Samantrak Ganapati Stotram

Samantrak Ganapati Stotram
Samantrak Ganapati Stotram is in Sanskrit and it is written by Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati (Shri Tembe Swami). This Ganapati Stotra is called as Samantrak as this stotra includes a Ganesh Mantra in it. However this Mantra can be understood if you know to read Sanskrit script of this stotra in devnagiri.
God Ganesh festival is celebrated every year mainly in Maharashtra from Bhadrapad Shudha Chaturthi to Bhadrapad Shudha Chaturdashi. That is in all ten days. Bhadrapada is a name of the month. This year this festival period started from 11th of September to 22nd September 2010. On the first day we bring idol of God Ganesh, keep in our house at a place well decorated, worship the God Ganesh, and recite many Mantras, Stotras of God Ganesh and ask for his blessings. We believe that God Ganesh destroys all our troubles, difficulties and bless us with good intelligence, skill in arts, good speech, good Memory, good poetry, good oratory, happy, healthy, wealthy, peaceful and prospers life. The idol of God Ganesh is kept in the house for 1 and half day or five days or seven or ten days according to the customs of every house. There is also a social function and people collectively keep God Ganesh idol in a big well decorated place/hall. Some idols are very big though very pious. People rush to see and bow to God Ganesh at such places. For all ten days of this festival, the surrounding/atmosphere is filled with happiness, Enthusiasm, intense devotion. It is really a great pleasure to visit cities like Poona, Mumbai in Maharashtra, India in these festival days. I am uploading this Stotras of God Ganesh and asking the blessing from God Ganesh for all of us.
1 O! God Ganesha! I bow to you. You are great among the greatest. You are head of all Ganas (Ganas are those who are very skillful in arts, intelligence etc.). All our difficulties are vanished even only on remembering you (God Ganesh).
2 O! God Ganesha! You are God of all Gods and I have herd that you are greatest. Any of our resolution/work can’t be successful without remembering you. To be successful is not possible to anybody if he forgets you.
3 O! God Ganesha! You are worshiped by God Brahma and other Gods. They become successful in their endeavor/work because of you. Please bless me.
4 O! God Ganesha! You are BrahmaData. You are God of all Gods. Please bless me with good intelligence.
5 O! God Ganesha! You are having a mouth and ears just like an elephant. You are the Brahma.
6 O! God Ganesha! O! God Heramba(name of God Ganesh)! I am not able to describe your capabilities (Lila), I by my knowledge, know very little about your abilities. I know the only thing that you are the God (Parameshwar).
7 O! God Ganesha! You are poet of all the poets. You are very old God. You are Ganeshwar. You are having lustrous eyes. You are giver of knowledge. Please listen my prayer and bless me.
8 O! God Ganesha! I have heard from your devotees that O! God Ekadanta (name of God Ganesh. Ekadanta means having only one tooth.), you are destroyer of difficulties/troubles. You are greatest poet and you guide other poets.
9 O! God Ganesha! Nobody can become a poet without your blessings. O! UmaSuta (Son of Goddess Uma) I bow to you. Please bless me with good intelligence to do good resolution/work.
10 O! God Ganesha! Please destroy immediately all my sins. I don’t know the custom of how to bow to you. However I request you to bless me.
11 O! God Ganesha! I don’t know the custom of your worship. I don’t have the necessary, required things to worship you. I am not your keen devotee. However I know that you are giver of everything, please bless me.
12 O! God Ganesha! I bow to you. Please bless me by hearing my prayer/praise. O! God Sadananda (name of God Ganesha) please uplifts me, bless me.
Here completes Samantrak Ganapati Stotra written by Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati.
Thought for the Day
Faith is spiritualized imagination.
--Henry Ward Beecher.
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.
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