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Shri Renuka Stotram

Shri Renuka Stotram
This is a Goddess Renuka Mata Stotra. It is in Sanskrit. This is created by Shri Shridhar Swami when he was at Mahurgad for darshan of Goddess Renuka Mata. Shridhar Swami was a great devotee of God Ram and Ramadas Swami.
I am uploading this stotra for the Navaratri Festival starting from today i.e. 8th October 2010 (Ashwin [name of the month] Shudha Pratipada) to 17th October 2010 (Dasara [Ashwin Shudha Dashami]). It is of nine days. These nine days are very holy days and the entire atmosphere found, filled with divine power. Anybody practicing any spiritual practice or reciting any Mantra, Stotra or reciting of the name of His God (as per his belief) gives him success and fulfills his good, genuine desires. This festival is of Goddess which is celebrated, almost in all parts of India.
1 I worship Goddess Renuka. She is very calm, quite and always doing good to her devotees. She is beyond mind and words i.e. all her virtues, kindness are beyond description. She is greatest, she is praised in Vedas, and she is Brahma and all people must worship her to have a little knowledge about her.
2 Devotees can know her only by their good behavior (bad behavior is not tolerated by Goddess Renuka mata), devotion, acquiring true knowledge and respect for Guru (who teaches true knowledge). She is always in happy (Poornanand) state. I worship Goddess Renuka mata.
3 By disqualifying many Brahma like things and saying No, No; Shruti found out Brahma and that Brahma is the only one, very old, occupying everything in the world, always enthusiastic, and giving pleasure, happiness and which is always pure; that Brahma is Goddess Renuka Mata only. I worship Goddess Renuka who is beyond death.
4 Any devotee who is thinking of Goddess Renuka is always found in a state where he forgets everything such as his sufferings, his karma and fruits of the karma, Maya, jiva and shiva. I worship Goddess Renuka Mata who is an ocean of happiness, pleasure.
5 We are not able to know Goddess Renuka. She is beyond darkness, insufficient knowledge, sorrow and differentiation. She is always pure, holy. She is a source of Spiritual knowledge and she spreads it every where. Hence I always worship Goddess Renuka Mata.
6 She makes the devotees free from all troubles and hence her devotees worship her. She gives happiness and pleasure. She helps her devotees to lead a good life free from worries, tension and bondage of life and death. I worship Goddess Renuka Mata.
7 She is like a moon in the heart of her devotees. She is a source of all type of happiness and always described as Onkar roopa. She removes unhappiness, sorrow and all types of troubles of her devotees. She is an ocean of happiness for her devotees. I worship Goddess Renuka Mata.
8 She is always kind and offering blessings to her devotees. She is always happy. God Indra and other Gods always praise her with Suktas (hymns found in Vedas). Her devotees are always worshiping her. I worship such Renuka Mata.
9 Anybody with devotion, performing his/her duty, with concentration and faith recites this Stotra of Goddess Renuka Mata receives blessing from her and becomes happy.
Here completes Goddess Renuka Mata Stotra created by param poojya Sri Shridhar Swami.

Thought for the Day
Chang is never loss: it is change only.
----Vernon Howard.
The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

Shri Renuka Stotram

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