Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shri Sharda Stotram

Shri Sharda Stotram
This is a Goddess Sharda Stotra. It is in Sanskrit. This is created by Shri Sridhar Swami when he was at ShigehaLali while opening a VedPathashala (Veda School) and requesting Goddess Sharda Mata (Goddess Saraswati) to stay in the VedPathshala. Sridhar Swami was a great devotee of God Ram and Ramadas Swami.
1 O! Goddess Sharda, you are worshiped by Gods and Rushi and Munies. Educated people, Scholars and brilliant people took your shelter. Please offer your blessings to us.
2 O! Goddess Sharda, people who are always after acquiring more and more knowledge who are always after increasing knowledge and purifying their intelligence are always worshiping you. Hence please bless us as you are always doing well to the people.
3 O! Goddess Sharda, you are giver of true and pure knowledge. Your blessing are always making happy to the devotee. (Hence bless us.)
4 O! Goddess Sharda, darshan of your feet generates pure and true knowledge in the mind of any person who is having no pure knowledge. (We think that after taking a birth, anybody’s aim is to get him educated for making money. But there is a different true aim of our life other than making money; and that is a pure/true knowledge. )
5 O! Goddess Sharda, please bless me and see that my mind is attracted to your beautiful feet (so that I can get Pure and True Knowledge).
6 O! Goddess Sharda, please see that your beautiful and pure roopa (Darshan) is spread among people and world. (So that pure and true knowledge is spread in the world.)
7 O! Goddess Sharda; Because of your blessing Scholars, Learned people acquire pure and true knowledge and they always take efforts to destroy the false knowledge and spread pure and true knowledge. Let there be such many Scholars and Learned people in this world.
8 O! Goddess Sharda, your are always destroy the sins of devotees and give pure knowledge to them. I request you to please stay in the house of Scholars and Learned people who are having a pure and holy heart.
9 Ved Mata Sharda be always victorious. Sharda Devi is always victorious who is giver of true knowledge and Moksha. Sharda Devi is always victorious who is being worshiped by Gods. Sharda Devi who is Chit (Pure), Nitya (always present) and Swaroop, is always victorious.
Thus here completes Shri Sharda Stotram, created by Shri Sridhar Swami.
Thought for the Day
Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts. You are what observes, not what you observe.
You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon.
--Adlin Sinclair.
Shri Sharda Stotram

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