Saturday, September 6, 2008

SankatMochan Hanumanashatak

SankatMochan Hanumanashtakam
This is a Hanuman Stotra. Shri Hanuman is a very powerful God. Here we are asking him to make us free from danger and all sorts of calamities.


Harshal is a planet which gives sudden bad or good results according to its position in the horoscope. In horoscope 6th, 8th or 12th houses are considered bad houses. Hence Harshal in these houses and along with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, ketu or Sun causes bad results. Even in these houses along with Moon, Venus or Mercury; Harshal causes bad results for the houses where Moon, Venus or Mercury are owners. However Harshal in good houses makes man super intelligent, a research scholar, his behavior is extraordinary, having his own opinions, generally don’t listen anybody’s advice, very fast in taking decisions and very fast in working on any project.
In Harshal we find combination of Mars and Mercury. Mercury dominating people are wise but Harshal dominating people are wisest. When accidents are caused by the Mars person may have a hope of living but when accidents are caused by Harshal death on the spot can happen. Every person experiences a change, a turn around in his life at the age of 42. Because at this age Harshal in the horoscope of a person is directly aspected by (gocharie’s ) current Harshal.
Harshal in Mithun, Tula or Kumbha i.e.(3rd, 7th or 11th Rashi) produces good results. Such person is found very intelligent, very imaginative, Inquisitive, like astrology, spiritual Sciences, dominating nature. Harshal in (2nd, 6th or 10th Rashies ) i.e. in Vrishabha, Kanya or Makara makes person Extremely obstinate, arrogant, crazy and envy. Harshal in (1st, 5th or 9th Rashi) i.e. Mesha, Sinha or Dhanu Rashi makes person thoughtless, ambitious, fond of astrology, quarrelsome, impatient and inquisitive. Harshal in Karka, Vrishaka or Meena i.e. (4th, 8th or 12th Rashi) makes person Silly, ignorant, deceitful, having bad habits and in company of bad people.

2) Thought for the day
Good intentions are not good unless carried out.

3) Success
Successful people are always found good listeners, gentle in speech and will never criticize.
4) Question and Answer
At present only for those having their blogs.In comment, Please put your question with required details such as birth date,time and place.My answer will be on this blog on my next post, without mentioning name and including Birth date and place and question. Normally I publish my new post on every Saturday.

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