Monday, September 29, 2008

Shri AghorkashtoDharan Stotra

AghorkashtoDharan Stotra

Any type of a life threatening danger can be averted by reciting this Sanskrit Stotra. It is written by Shri Vasudevanand Sarswati. We need to recite it every day having a strong belief in mind and with full concentration. It takes hardly 2 minutes to complete. Just try it and get relief from any danger threatening to you.
1) Now I will let you know each and every rashi and the qualities of the Rashi.
There are 12 rashies.1)Mesha or Aries 2) Vrushabha or Taurus 3) Mithuna or Gemini 4) Karka or Cancer 5) Sinha or Leo 6) Kanya or Virgo 7) Tula or Libra 8) Vrishika or Scorpio 9) Dhanu or Sagittarius 10) Makara or Capricorn 11) Kumbha or Aquarius 12) Meena or Pisces.
These 12 rashies are again subdivided into groups. Such one group is Chara or fast resulting, moving. The rashies in this group are Mesha, Karka, Tula and Makara. The results in these rashies are fast. The predications about the result of the planets in these rashies are always very fast; severe may be good or bad. Suppose Moon is in the 3rd, 7th or 9th house in any one of the above four rashies in a horoscope; such person is always found on touring jobs, or making frequent travels. The nature of the travel may very. If Mars is in the 8th house in any of the above four rashies in a horoscope; there is a possibility of meeting with an accident and injury may be severe.
We will know about other group in the next posting.

2) Thought for the day
Please keep watch on your thoughts. Since thoughts are very powerful. Any invention, any good construction or any good thing that takes a shape is initially a small, good and constructive thought in the mind of the creator.

3) Success
Successful people never make themselves victim of bad mood.
AghorkashtoDharan Stotra

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