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Shri ChittaStheeryakam Stotra

Shri ChittaStheeryakam Stotra
This stotra is written by shri Vasudevanand Saraswati. It is in Sanskrit. Everybody wants a peace of mind in his life. In this stotra Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati assures us that after chanting this stotra every day with belief and concentration we can get peace of mind besides blessings from Shri Datta Guru. and all other material things required by us.
English Transcription
Chittsthairyakam Stotra
anasooyaatrisambhoot dattatreya mahaamate I
sarvadevaadhideva tvam mama chittam sthirikuru II 1 II
sharanaagata diinaarta taarakaakhilakaaraka I
sarvachaalaka deva tvam mama chittam sthirikuru II 2 II
sarvamanhalamaamgalya sarvadhivyaadhibheshaja I
sarvasankathaarin tvam mama chittam sthirikuru II 3 II
smartrugaamii svabhaktaanaam kaamdo ripunaashanaha I
bhuktimuktipradaha sa tvam mama chittam sthirikuru II 4 II
sarvapaapa kshayakarastaapadainya nivaranaha 
yobhishtyadaha prabhuhu sa tvam mama chittam sthirikuru II 5 II
ya etatprayataha shloka panchakam prapathetsudhiihii I
sthirachittaha sa bhagavatkrupaapaatram bhavishyati II 6 II
II iti param poojya shri Vaasudevaananda Saraswati Virachitam shri chitta sthairya karan stotra sampoornam II 

1) The other group of Rashies is Stable, not moving and taking there own time to give results, disliking the change of any kind. Such group consists of Vrushabha, Sinha, Vrishika and Kumbha Rashies. Planets in these rashies give results according to the nature of this group. Suppose Venus is in the fourth house in any of this group rashi; the person will get a vehicle like car but he will use the vehicle for a long time and reluctant to sell it and purchase a new one. Thus disliking the change is the nature of this group. Saturn in kumbha corresponding to Second house, the person will not like to live far away from his family even if the family may be big.

2) Thought for the Day
There is no wisdom like frankness.

3) Success
Our past failures have not necessarily to be our future failures also.

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Shri ChittaStheeryakam Stotra

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