Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shri MahaLakshmi Naman Ashtak

Shri MahaLakshmi Naman Ashtak

This is a Sanskrit Stotra. It is a prayer made by Shri Indra Deva to Shri MahaLakshmi. This is to be chanted after performing pooja with devotion, full faith and concentration to receive blessings from Shri MahaLakshmi. We receive blessings, happiness, prosperity and everything we desired from Shri MahaLakshmi.

1) Astrology

The third group of rashies according to there (tatwa) principle is the vayu or wind tatwa rashies. Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha are these three rashies in this group. These are also called Boudhika or intelligent rashies. Many planets in these rashies make person very intelligent. However the intelligence in Mithuna rashi
may be used either way. Mithuna rashi is having Saturn and badly placed with bad aspects by Mangal, Rahu, Harshal then the person may use his intelligence to deceive others. In tenth house these rashies; help the person to go to the top in business, profession or service even if he is at a lower stage.

2) Thought for the Day

He who begins many things finishes nothing.

3) Success

Successful people are fast decision makers. Sometimes they may go wrong but quick decision making helps them many times.
Shri MahaLakshmi Naman Ashtak

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