Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shri Dwadasha Jyotirlingam stotra

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Shri Dwadasha Jyotirlingam stotra

This stotra includes names of 12 auspicious temples of Shiva in India. Many Shiva devotees visit these temples at least once in there life and receives the blessing from Shiva. For those who can‘t go to these temples; for them this stotra is very useful since chanting this stotra once in everyday; they also receives blessings from Shiva. This stotra also vanish all the sins of all earlier seven births, made by the person who is chanting it every day.

1) Astrology

The second group of rashies according to there (tatwa) principle is the Earth or Pruthavi tatwa rashies. Vrishabha, Kanya and Makara. These three rashies are also money minded rashies. If in any horoscope many planets are found in these rashies; then they make person selfish, always thinking about personal and family gains. Vrishabha people are ready to take any laborious jobs also and will take maximum efforts for personal profit. Kanya people will not believe anybody. They will dig to the root, to find out whether there is any personal gain for them or not in any matter. They are very self-centered. Makara also develops suspicious nature. They are found cunning.

2) Thought for the Day

Constancy is the foundation of virtues.

3) Success

Success of men depends not so much on their equipment (Limbs)
But depends on their inherent strength and will power.

The above sentence is written on wall of physiotherapy Hall of a
Artificial limb centre at Wanawadi, Pune, Maharashtra

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