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Saraswati Dwadash Nam Stotra

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Saraswati Dwadasha Nam Stotra

This Stotra is in Sanskrit. It consists of 12 very pious names of Devi Saraswati.
Intelligence, knowledge and the arts of singing, music etc. are under control of Saraswati. We receive all these from Saraswati; by saying this stotra every day with faith and concentration.
1) Astrology

The third group of rashies according to there (tatwa) principle is the Jala or Water
Tatwa. Karka, Vrshika and Meena are three rashies in this group. Karka rashi is like a stream of clean water steadily flowing. These people are found clean and kind hearted and can make other people happy. Vrishika is like muddy water which not flowing. People of this rashi are found trying again and again even if they fell in there project. They will try to stand up again. They are very
Decisive and hot in temper and found revengeful. Meena is like pious, clean water. People are found silent, happy, timid, emotional and kind hearted.

2) Thought for the Day

The fear of Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

3) Success

Learning through experiences is one of the step that takes us to Success.
Saraswati Dwadasha Nam Stotra

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