Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shatpadi Stotra

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Shatpadi Stotra

Shatpadi Stotra is in Sanskrit and it is written by Shri Shankaracharya. It is a prayer addressed to Shri Bhagwan Vishnu, asking for his help to conquer the activities of mind and keep it under our control. If we can keep control over our mind; we may know the purpose of our life. Eat, drink and enjoy is not the only purpose of our life. The true purpose, why we have been created is beyond all these things. Lord Vishnu certainly will help us to bring peace, happiness and love in our life to unable us to fulfill the purpose of our life.
1) Astrology

We now get our self acquainted with the qualities of all 12 rashies, starting from Mesha.
Mesha Rashi: Mesha is char or fast moving and aghni (fire) tattwa rashi.
It is Mail and cruel. We find that cruelty, courage, Daring, Valiant, heroism, Hard-hearted, Self-reliant, are some of the qualities of Mesha. Mesha is always impatient and starts any work with all the force but may leave the work incomplete. Mesha has control over head, brain and skull bones.

2) Thought for the Day

Our attitudes decide our destiny.

3) Success

Success is the fruit of sincere efforts.
Shatpadi Stotra

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