Saturday, November 15, 2008

VindheShwari Stotra

VindheShwari Stotra
VindheShwari Stotra is a Devi (Goddess) Stotra and it is in Sanskrit.It is a prayer made to Devi. Prayer describes Devi,How she looks, what she does for us (mankind) and how we receive her blessings. VindheShwari is destroyer of two very cruel demons.Namely Nishumbhua and Shumbha. She has weapons in her hands for our protection. She also removes sorrow,poverty and pains from our life and makes our life happy, prosperous and peaceful. VindheShwari comes to our house to protect us and help us. Hence we pray her and ask for her blessings.

Karka Rashi
Karka rashi is for kindness, sensitive, dreamer, timid, dependent on others and fugitive. People in whose horoscope moon is in Karka rashi are found more or less as describe above. They are also not firm on there decisions, rather they don’t have their own opinions and are carried away by others opinions.
Karka rashi controls chest, ribs, Pancreas.

Thought for today
It is better not to be than to be unhappy.

Successful people never blame nature.

VindheShwari Stotra

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