Friday, September 12, 2008

Shri Ram Raksha Stotram Part 1

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Shri RamRaksha Stotram

This RamRaksha Stotra is in Sanskrit and it is written by Budhakoushika Rushi. This Stotra is very powerful. By reciting this stotra with concentration and devotion one gets everthing i.e. Wealth, Health, Peace, Protection, Prosperity, Success, Fame and all good wishes are fulfilled. Please try it.
In this Ram Raksha stotra we are requesting Lord Ram to protect each and every part of our body. Many people celebrate the birth day of their beloved child by saying this stotra loudly, sitting in a circle surrounding the child and dropping the small scented flowers over the body of the child while chanting the 5 stanzas starting from shiro me Raghav patu --- to –Ramo akhalim vapu.
This is a Ram Raksha Stotra which is very powerful and very simple to say. This stotra is to be said loudly with full concentration every day once only. It gives prosperity, strength and every thing we ask for. Many people have experienced it. I found Blessings of Lord Ram always with me.


Neptune controls our emotions, sentiments, feelings, expression of emotion, Venus also controls our emotions but there is difference, Venus is for joy, enjoyments where as Neptune has addition to it that there is a dark side our sadness. Neptune may cause depression, nervousness or loss of mental and emotional stability. Neptune may give spiritual powers such as thought readings, Inner vision, Insight, Intuition and inner inspiration. Like Jupiter or Guru; Neptune is also for meditation, spiritual knowledge, yoga, philosophy. Neptune gives good results only when, it is having good yoga with other planets. Neptune in horoscopes of well known Singers, poets or musicians is found in good yoga’s with Jupiter, Venus or Mercury. If diagnosis of a patient is found very difficult; then we may found Neptune in the sixth house of such patient’s horoscope. We have to be very careful to determine Neptune’s results in any horoscope.

2) Thought for the day
I take the responsibility for my failure, my behavior and my feelings and no one can else causes for my failure, my life situations or anything that has gone bad with me.

3) Success
Successful people are found courteous and courageous. They always show good manners and never loose their heart in their failure.

Shri RamRaksha Stotram

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