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kaivalyashtakam Stotra is in Sanskrit. The name of the God is always pious, auspicious and very important in spiritual progress. If we recite God’s name (the name of the God in which you have faith.) it definitely changes our life from good to best. It fulfills our ambitions, gives us everything we desire and our progress in spiritual path becomes smooth. Tensions, worry, fear and all obstacles are removed from our life.
1. Only name of Hari (God Vishnu) is sweetest among all sweets, the most auspicious in all auspicious things and very pious in all other pious things.
2. All worldly pleasures on this earth and creations are maya; name of Hari is only true, true and true.
3. Anybody who tells us to recite the name of Hari is Guru, Father, Mother and our relative.
4. God is always present where the devotees are reciting his name and performing Bhagan and Kirtan.
5. We breathe and therefore we live but we don’t know when our breathing will stop, hence it is always better to recite Hari’s name right from childhood. (If we have not done so start at least right from now.)
6. Sorrow, unhappiness and troubles are always everywhere and we get our self bounded in maya which is just like a piece of glass and we forget to recite the name of Hari which is a gem itself.
7. Recite the name of Hari only by your tongue, Listen the name of Hari only by ears and Sing the name of Hari only.
8. The world is just like grass (of least value) only the name of Hari is pure Sat (True), Chit (Pious) and Aanand (Happiness).

Budha (Mercury) in 12th house.

Budha in the 12th house is favorable for research. These people are having unstable mind. They can’t concentrate. Their thoughts lack deep thinking. Charms and spell, Magic, study of Archaeology are their subjects of liking. Budha in good aspects of Harshal indicates their liking and research in the above subjects. Budha in good aspects of Sun indicates very intelligent people. They can make a name and fame. A bad aspect of Saturn or Mars with Budha in this house indicates enforcement of law and fear of Jail punishment. If Budha in this house is found along with Moon or Shukra or Mars shows fear of bad or defective vision. These people are advised; to be careful in talking, not to sign any document without reading and not to stand as Guarantor to anybody.

Thought for the Day

Desire, ignorance and inequality---- this is the trinity of bondage.
--Swami Vivekananda.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
----Robert Coller.

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